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Medical Malpractice Lawyers Thailand

ViZe Counselor is recognized as the top-draw medical malpractice lawyer in Bangkok with a ratified history of successfully representing clients in professional negligence claims. Each and every medical professional has a duty of care, and in the event of negligence cases involving personal injury, someone needs to be held accountable. We operate with the best medical malpractice lawyers in Thailand, specializing in negligence litigation. Suppose you need Thailand’s premier law firm to investigate someone else’s negligence in a personal injury claim. In that case, a medical malpractice attorney will ensure that the right people are held responsible and brought to justice.

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2017 figures from Thailand’s National Statistics Office estimated that the Kingdom received 3.3 million medical tourists. With these figures rising and foreigners taking advantage of cheaper medical bills for dentistry, cosmetic surgery, and other surgical procedures, medical malpractice cases have inevitably increased. If you find yourself in the position of needing to make a medical negligence claim, you need to speak with a ViZe Counselor malpractice lawyer. Whether it’s general negligence or a wrongful death suit, our lawyers for legal malpractice will use the evidence to get justice for the pain and suffering caused by professional negligence.

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Whenever a medical procedure occurs, even if it is regarded as routine, there is an element of risk. But there is a big difference between the accepted risks of surgery and gross negligence. You can seek independent legal advice from a malpractice attorney before launching any medical negligence claim with ViZe Counselor. Regardless of whether it’s birth injury malpractice, negligence in nursing, or dental malpractice, lawyers for legal malpractice at our Bangkok law firm office will support you and file a medical negligence case, seek compensation, and get justice for the negligent act and breach of duty and care owed.

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Dental treatment in Thailand can be, on average, 60% cheaper than in many western countries and as much as 90% cheaper than some procedures in the USA. Regardless of having the latest high-tech equipment, and reputation, dental malpractice and medical negligence still occur regardless of circumstances. Suppose you’ve had a dental procedure and believe you’ve been the victim of professional negligence. In that case, you may have the right to a personal injury claim if treated without reasonable care. Maybe you’ve lost earnings due to the defendant’s actions or been through great pain and suffering due to the negligent party. A ViZe Counselor dental malpractice lawyer in Bangkok will provide a free consultation service and advice you on personal injury law and whether you have a claim.

How Do Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Work in Thailand?

The law in Thailand allows for medical malpractice claims to be brought before the Thai court system under the basis of liability for wrongful acts. Generally, in medical misconduct cases, any compensation claim must be made within 1-year from when the injury occurred. There are notable exceptions to this, though, if the claim is in the sphere of criminal law. The prescriptive time limit will be dictated by the criminal law that has been broken. It is highly advised that you consult with a criminal negligence lawyer to see what action can be taken as a direct result of the defendant causing personal injury.

  • Talk to Your Attorney
  • Malpractice Investigation
  • Expert Medical Opinion
  • Discovery
  • Out of Court Settlement (optional) 
  • Court Trial (optional)

To be successful in a malpractice lawsuit, Thailand negligence lawyers must provide evidence proving the defendant’s failure to provide the correct standards and established levels of professional medical practice in the given jurisdiction. The best evidence a plaintiff can use to prove professional negligence is witness statements from independent medical practitioners who can provide testimony supporting the clinical negligence claims. This component of any trial is vital to the outcome and a prominent factor in why you need a negligence lawyer in Thailand.

Whether suing a hospital for negligence, malpractice in nursing, or for pain and suffering caused by dentistry malpractice, medical negligence lawyers in Thailand want justice for their clients and get appropriate compensation awarded. The Thai court system gravitates toward limiting general damages to quantifiable losses. It usually comprises the expenses of the plaintiff, plus any financial loss, such as present and future lost wages. Unlike many western countries, it is improbable that legal proceedings will result in any damages awarded for pain and suffering.

If you’ve been the victim of professional negligence in Thailand and wish to pursue justice and financial compensation, there are some things that you’ll need to do. To see whether you have cause to start a malpractice lawsuit, you must document communication with the person or facility who provided you with a healthcare service. Ensure that you request all medical records and personal injury law cases are won and lost on the evidence provided. Also, get yourself a legal malpractice attorney with a proven history of handling comparative negligence cases who can help prove medical misconduct.

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If you find yourself in the unenviable position of needing to start a negligence lawsuit, you’ll need the professional assistance of a top law firm with the best legal professionals. Any reasonable person who has been wronged and has come to harm due to negligent actions deserves justice and compensation. Whether you require a lawyer for dental malpractice, to begin hospital negligence claims, or need legal advice after a misdiagnosis, lawyer services from the best law firm in Bangkok are the doubtless way to get the result you deserve. And that’s why countless clients choose to trust in ViZe Counselor.

Medical Negligence Lawyers Thailand FAQs

For a medical practitioner to be found guilty in a negligence case, it must be proven that the defendant breached their jurisdiction’s accepted standards and medical practices. A legal malpractice lawyer must prove the defendant’s actions were the proximate cause of injury and harm in court. In recent years, medical malpractice and negligence claims have increased with the demand in Thailand from foreign visitors seeking more affordable surgical procedures than in the west. As a result, clinical negligence solicitors have gained much experience handling and winning cases on their client’s behalf.

Absolutely! If you have come to harm and suffered an injury from a medical professional’s hands, you may have the right to bring a negligence lawsuit. If you suffered what you believe to be gross negligence and want the person held responsible, as long as it is less than one year since the incident took place, our Thailand negligence lawyers would be happy to have a consultation with you and advise you on the best way to move forward given your particular circumstances.

ViZe Counselor has successfully represented clients in medical malpractice cases with our medical negligence lawyers in Thailand for many years. Negligence litigation can be complex and highly detailed when proving a failed duty of care. Each legal malpractice attorney at ViZe has an in-depth and extensive understanding of the law and makes every effort to get the results our clients deserve.

We have a team of highly experienced dental negligence solicitors here in Thailand. A dental malpractice lawyer in Bangkok will willingly provide you with a consultation, free of charge, to discuss your particular requirements regarding a medical practitioner’s failed duty of care.

Malpractice in nursing happens in every country. We have the best medical malpractice lawyers in Thailand who see several cases each year where nursing staff are found to be liable for prosecution.

Suing a hospital for negligence is no easy task, but legal proceedings are not uncommon. If the plaintiff has a legitimate claim for a negligence case, a medical malpractice lawyer in Bangkok can launch a personal injury claim against a hospital successfully. Top medical malpractice attorneys at ViZe Counselor will help prosecute those liable for breach of duty of care in negligence cases and help bring their clients the correct legal result.