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Divorce Lawyers Thailand: Free Consultation with Leading Divorce Solicitors in Bangkok

ViZe Counselor has been operating in family law for many years and has long been established as accommodating Thailand’s premier team of divorce law solicitors. If your marriage has irreversibly broken down and you’re heading for a divorce from your spouse in Thailand, getting a free consultation with the kingdom’s top divorce lawyers should be your first step to dissolving the marriage. Engaging with the correct divorce attorney to file for divorce and help you navigate through Thai divorce law is paramount. The perfect inauguration to the divorce process is through engaging in a free consultation with Thailand’s preeminent Bangkok divorce lawyers.

Get the Settlement You Deserve with our Team of Thailand Divorce Solicitors

When filing for a divorce in Thailand, you must employ the best lawyer to get the settlement you rightfully deserve. Many components make up a divorce agreement, from the division of assets to child custody, and having an experienced Thailand divorce lawyer working on your behalf can be priceless. Whether you are going through a contested or uncontested divorce, the dissolution of a marriage can be traumatic and exhausting. Our family lawyers deal with each case of divorce litigation with fortitude, confidence, and compassion while taking your divorce case into the high-pressure environment of the Thai court system to win your divorce lawsuit and get the settlement you deserve.

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As a foreigner, going through the many trials of the divorce process in Thailand can be confusing and stressful. From understanding family law to the court system, if you don’t get the right advice from a divorce attorney, you may find it challenging to reach your desired outcome. Here at ViZe Counselor, our team of Bangkok divorce lawyers are multilingual and speak fluent Thai, English, and Chinese.

Having a vastly experienced divorce lawyer to take your case before the court in Thailand whom you can converse with effortlessly is of a major advantage and you can arrange to speak with one of our accomplished multilingual divorce lawyers today!

How Does Divorce Law in Thailand Work?

If you wish to file for a divorce in Thailand, the process can be long-winded, and you may have to jump through many hoops before the court grants you the divorce. Having an experienced Thai divorce solicitor on your side is essential for helping you navigate your way through proceedings. The best divorce lawyer will be experienced in both methods of divorce in the kingdom, contested divorce, and uncontested divorce. Thai divorce law states that you can file for divorce in Thailand at the district office where your marriage is registered, and this is something our top divorce lawyers can take care of for you.

Adultery by one of the parties.

One party’s misconduct inflicts shame, insult, or injury.

One party inflicts physical or mental Abuse.

One of the parties has deserted or been imprisoned for more than a year.

The parties have lived separately for more than three years.

One of the parties has disappeared.

If a divorce is to go through the Thai court system, our Bangkok divorce lawyers will be required to provide grounds for divorce. These grounds for a divorce lawsuit include adultery, misconduct inflicting shame, insult, or injury, physical or mental abuse, desertion, separation of three years, one spouse disappearing, failure to financially support, mental incapacitation, a broken bond of good behavior, one spouse has a dangerous or incurable disease. ViZe Counselor divorce law solicitors are experts at guiding you through this process.

Thai divorce law states that the divorce litigation process can begin when one of the parties files a petition for the divorce in Family Court. A hearing will take place and you need to go to mediation to try and find an agreement between both parties. If an agreement can be found between both parties on the division of assets, child custody, and any remaining issues, that agreement can be submitted to the Family Court to be signed.

If no agreement is reached, having a Vize Counselor divorce lawyer in Thailand is imperative. The divorce litigation case will now go to trial with witnesses and testimony. A Thai court will deliver judgement on a contested divorce within 30 days. Vize Counselor’s expert cheap divorce lawyers are experienced at navigating the notoriously difficult court system in Thailand and getting clients the divorce agreement they deserve. We provide top-class divorce lawyers for men and women and are consistently successful at winning divorce disputes.

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Divorce disputes can very often be messy and complicated when the marriage has failed. If you need a divorce lawyer in Thailand to help you manoeuvre through the court system and take on a divorce lawsuit, we have an exceptional team of the best variable and fixed-fee divorce solicitors in the country. To arrange your free consultation with the best divorce lawyer to have on your case, contact a divorce solicitor at ViZe Counselor in Bangkok today!

Divorce Lawyer Thailand FAQs

Divorce law in Thailand can be a complicated subject to navigate and ViZe Counselor would always advise you to seek professional assistance from Thailand divorce lawyers. If it is an uncontested divorce then no grounds need to be given and the two parties will have a ‘divorce agreement’ already in place regarding assets, child care, and finances. If you want to dissolve a marriage and one party wants to contest it, you must have grounds to do so. You will certainly need the help of divorce law solicitors in this case as you will need to protect yourself and ensure that the court deals with you fairly.

If you search the internet for ‘Divorce lawyers near me?’, ‘Divorce solicitors near me?’ or ‘fixed-fee divorce solicitors’ you’ll find lots of adverts and websites. But divorce in Thailand is not quite that simple and you’ll need the assistance of top divorce lawyers to ensure you of getting a fair deal through the Thai Family Court. The cost of divorce can vary greatly depending on whether the divorce is being contested, shared assets, children involved and child maintenance issues, travel costs for your divorce attorney etc. If you are currently considering applying for a divorce and need advice on the procedure and possible expenses, contact a ViZe Counselor divorce litigation expert today and arrange your free no obligation consultation.

This depends upon a few factors, such as the grounds for the divorce, whether it’s a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce, child custody, and the division of assets. But generally speaking and with the aid of top divorce lawyers, it is possible to have a divorce granted by the Thai court in 4-6 months.

The answer to this is much more straightforward if you have a prenuptial agreement. When you marry in Thailand you create jointly owned property. This property is owned jointly by the husband and wife and if the marriage is dissolved the assets get equally divided between both parties. If you are at all concerned about protecting your assets, you can Google ‘Divorce attorney near me?’ or ‘International divorce lawyer near me?’ and you can seek advice from a Thailand divorce lawyer on how to proceed either before marriage or during a divorce to protect yourself.