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Thailand Real Estate Lawyer, Bangkok and Nationwide: ViZe Counselor

ViZe Counselor is a leading English-speaking international property law firm in Bangkok providing real estate legal services for all stages of property investing and real estate transactions. Bangkok has many options if you are looking for the best real estate lawyers, but our expert team has experience with international commercial and residential property law. Our real estate lawyers represent clients from all over the world. We are here to make the process as stress-free as possible and to produce the most efficient arrangements whatever the transaction.

Thailand Real Estate Lawyers Covering All Real Estate Legal Services in Thailand

At Vize, our Bangkok Property Lawyers have vast experience in all kinds of legal issues involving property, and we offer professional advice to guide you through the process. Whatever your needs may be, our team is here to assist with everything from Title Deed Search, Purchase Agreements, Lease Agreements, Due Diligence, and much more. Whether you are looking for residential property lawyers or a commercial property lawyer, Thailand has many options, and our real estate lawyers can help you in several ways when it comes to buying or selling property, such as (but not limited to):

REGISTRATION and Conveyancing




Superficies Agreement


Our Bangkok Property Lawyers Help International Property Investors Transactions Go Smoothly

For locals, Thailand’s property laws are generally fair and reasonable; acquiring a property in Thailand is quick and straightforward. But for foreigners wishing to invest in property, the process couldn’t be more different as Thai real estate law is often ambiguous for non-residents, making it difficult to register a property according to all of them. Real estate law for foreigners in Thailand can be confusing and lead to errors which sometimes have significant consequences if not handled correctly by a professional Thailand real estate lawyer.
Our Thailand real estate lawyers know all the intricate details of Thai real estate law, so there are no surprises, providing you with the necessary peace of mind while buying, selling, or registering a property. So, when looking for a property lawyer in Bangkok, make sure you choose one of the top real estate law firms with expertise and an excellent track record in real estate transactions.

Thailand Real Estate Lawyer Services FAQs

When it comes to Thailand real estate law, don’t go at it alone! Hiring our Bangkok Property Lawyers is the best way to protect yourself against common mistakes and ensure that all of your rights are upheld within the process. Our legal professionals will help you avoid purchasing a property that ends up being an albatross around your neck by confirming the legal integrity is intact and allowing you to invest without the potential of loss. When you are looking for property in Thailand, it is always best to have a qualified real estate lawyer by your side. While you can easily find housing on your own, hiring an attorney will prevent any future problems. If you are looking for real estate lawyers, Bangkok expats from around the world trust, contact Vize Counselor today!
A residential real estate lawyer is required to help you navigate the legal process of buying a Thai house. The Thai real estate law processes can be complicated and are largely unregulated, so your Bangkok property lawyer must be able to guide you through the real estate legal system every step along the way with confidence. Searching for the best real estate lawyer, Thailand has many options, so it is best to do your homework and prepare questions before agreeing.
Real Estate Lawyer services fees vary by case, but our primary goal is to get you the correct result at the best possible price. We will work with you to ensure that all of your questions are answered and that your best interests are represented in any real estate transaction.
Finding the best Bangkok property dispute lawyer may seem daunting, but you can quickly narrow down your choices by using a few simple tips. First, as any friends you know who have had property disputes. Were they successful? Who did they use, and how would they rate their services? If you can come up with a few names, start there and ask the same questions. The second way is to check online by going to Google and searching for something like “real estate lawyer near me” so you can check out some of the reviews about potential lawyers who are local to you. Finally, asking around is always a good idea – especially if you know real estate agents that provide independent advice to clients. You can always ask them whether they have a Thailand real estate lawyer they would recommend.
The challenges of buying land in Thailand as a foreigner are not limited to ownership rights; there is also a lack of standardisation and transparency. For example, many foreigners cannot obtain legal title deeds for their land due to regulations that forbid foreign nationals from owning freehold properties in Thailand. There are some exceptions, such as special privileges given by the Board of Investment (BOI) and other laws that allow non-Thai citizens who inherit land from relatives to own it. Still, these come with attached conditions like having an employment visa when purchasing real estate through BOI subsidies. Your work permit must be stamped on both sides of all relevant documents about your investment project, including application forms, agreements/contracts, etc.
There are a few ways by which foreigners can buy land or a house in Thailand. If you’re researching real estate law, Thailand has a complex set-up and to truly understand what you are buying you should find a real estate law firm able to help you with the ownership options