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Thailand Debt Recovery Lawyers and Debt Collection Services in Bangkok

If you have an unsettled debt owed to you and need professional legal advice and help to collect what you are legally entitled to from a debtor. You need to speak with our solicitors for debt recovery in Bangkok. As a leading Thailand debt recovery law firm, we provide debt recovery services to help you recover and reclaim your due amount. We have an exceptionally proficient and adept team of solicitors specialising in debt recovery and have a proven background and track record for successful debt collection and winning cases for our clients.

Thailand Debt Collection Services for Commercial and Consumer Debts of All Sizes

No matter if the debtor is an individual with a consumer debt of 1000 baht or a company with a commercial debt owing 100,000,000 baht. ViZe Counselor has experienced debt collection recovery lawyers in Thailand that will apply themselves unreservedly to recover the amount owed. Our debt recovery team has worked on the legal recovery of debt of all sizes with unparalleled success levels. If you want guidance, support, and the legal help of a top-class debt lawyer who can take on debt recovery of any size, contact ViZe Counselor today, the best consumer and commercial debt recovery solicitors in Thailand.

Have Peace of Mind with the Best Debt Recovery Solicitors Thailand Offers Fighting in Your Corner!

Anytime money is owed, and debt collection and recovery are required, the situation can fill you with anxiety and become uncomfortable and stressful. Whether it’s a personal debt or a commercial one, having a solicitor for debt collection makes the process of getting what you are rightfully due far simpler. The ViZe Counselor Bangkok lawyers for debt recovery provide a debt collection service that you can rely on and that offers you peace of mind. Our debt collection solicitors will fight your corner to ensure justice gets served and the debt gets settled.

ViZe Counselor are the Leading English Speaking Bangkok Debt Recovery Law Firm You Can Trust!

Understanding the Thai laws surrounding personal and commercial debt and possible legal action can be perplexing and confusing. At Vize Counselor in Bangkok, you can speak to our team of consumer and business debt collection solicitors fluent in English, Chinese, and Thai. Communicating with a Thai debt recovery lawyer in English eradicates any confusing issues surrounding translation, leaving a clear understanding of the processes our lawyers for debt collection have to take to collect from the debtor and resolve the issue. We are the preeminent pick of debt recovery agency that you can entrust for the recovery and winding up of any outstanding credit.

How Does Debt Recovery and Debt Collection in Thailand Work?

The recovery of debt here in Thailand often becomes problematic, and the situation gets exacerbated when the debt owner chooses not to pay. An amicable agreement between the two interested parties would always be the preferred form of Thailand debt recovery, but unfortunately, that just doesn’t happen often enough.

The payment of outstanding debt is straightforward if a debtor and creditor can arrange a Thai debt recovery agreement. The pre-legal collection is optimal but not always realistic, so the next step is with a debt collection lawyer sending demand letters to the debtor to pay. Based on our debt collection agency experience, this stage of proceedings can be quite successful as many debtors would prefer to avoid any court proceedings.

Direct Negotiation

Legal Demand For Payment

Investigation And Asset Searches

Further Legal Demands For Payment

Legal Notice Of Intent To File Court Proceedings

Court Proceedings

If the first step to recover the debt has no effect, litigation can begin. Consumer or business debt recovery solicitors will begin the process of taking the debtor through the court system to recover the debt. We can’t overstate the need for solicitors specialising in debt recovery, as having sufficient evidence to prove any financial contracts are enforceable by law is essential to success. If the legal notice was not enough to force the debtor into the settlement of the debt, investigation and asset searches may be undertaken by a debt lawyer.

Debt recovery services will research the financial situation of the debtor and any assets they hold. A debt recovery lawyer will do this to ascertain whether there is any genuine financial hardship on the debtor’s part and determine if there is any genuine expectation of recovering money. Once this information has been curated by the debt recovery agency, another legal demand can be issued by a debt collection lawyer with the possibility of a longer-term repayment plan if the debtor’s financial situation genuinely makes paying back the amount owed difficult.

Beyond this point, another legal demand to pay the debt will be made by a Thailand debt recovery law firm. If this is ignored then a legal notice of intent will be issued about filing court proceedings. At this juncture, a solicitor for debt collection will prepare for the court procedure to redeem the monies owed. There is a long list of specifics that need to be followed by debt collection services and we will take care of every detail so that there are no issues during the process. You can have a ViZe Counselor work with you and we will recover consumer or commercial debt as a leading firm for debt collection in Thailand.

Need Prompt Thailand Financial Recovery Services? Grab a FREE Consultation with our Debt Collection Lawyers in Bangkok!

Do you need fast and efficient consumer or commercial debt recovery solicitors in Thailand? Are you a non-Thai speaking foreigner and require English-speaking debt collection services? ViZe Counselor is home to the best team of solicitors for debt recovery in Bangkok. You can come and have a free 30-minute consultation with a debt lawyer and see how our financial recovery services can help you recover money that has been owed to you for too long. If you have tried in vain up to now to get a debtor to pay, recover what you are owed with the premier debt collection recovery lawyers in Thailand.

Thailand Debt Collection Attorney FAQs

The debt collection law in Thailand states that the borrower of money must take responsibility for all contract costs, property delivery, as well as the reinstatement of any property. If the amount loaned is under 2,000 baht, witness affirmation is sufficient to initiate a legal loan. Alternatively, a written contract must be written up, agreed upon, and signed by both parties, if the loan amount exceeds 2,000 baht. The legal limit for interest rates under Thai law is capped at 15% although there can be exceptions to this. If you require advice regarding a specific case, contact our consumer and business debt recovery solicitors who will be only too happy to help. Our debt recovery services deal with the recovery of debt on a regular basis and are recognized experts who can help you or your business understand debt law.

Collecting a debt in Thailand can be a long and arduous task, as it can be in many counties. The preferred way to settle debt is to make arrangements with the debtor, but if that fails then a debt collection service is the best option for taking things further. A debt collection agency that has professional debt recovery solicitors will be able to take on your case, saving you time and lots of stress.

For a free 30-minute consultation with one of our expert lawyers for debt collection, you can simply contact us and arrange a time and date. Our Bangkok lawyers for debt recovery are among the best in Thailand and would gladly discuss your case to see where they could help get you a Thai debt recovery agreement.

Employing the service of a Thailand debt recovery law firm and taking full advantage of its debt recovery team would be a huge asset in the struggle to recover unpaid money. Depending upon the amount of debt owed, consumer and business debt collection solicitors are an essential tool to getting you the positive result you are looking for from any legal proceedings.

A Thai debt collection attorney from ViZe Counselor can help you recover money owed to you without going to court, but that does largely depend on the debtor. Debt recovery solicitors can send a demand for payment of a debt to be made, and in many cases, the risk of legal action has the desired effect. If the debtor fails to respond to either pay or enter into a Thai debt recovery agreement, then the issue of winding up in court is more than likely going to be the only option.