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Thailand Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyers & Dispute Resolution (ADR) Law Firm in Bangkok

Alternative dispute resolution is the process of resolving conflict between parties to avoid lengthy litigation through Thailand’s already overworked court system. Using arbitration, negotiation, mediation, private judging, and conciliation as methods, alternative dispute resolution firms are able to help find an agreement between the parties. Vize Counselor has a profoundly experienced team of Bangkok dispute resolution solicitors who are experts at finding a dispute settlement for clients. We are honored to be identified as leaders in all types of alternative dispute resolution throughout Thailand by our Thai and global clientele.

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Unfortunately, personal or business lives can sometimes lead to conflict and dispute. Whatever the dispute, having a neutral “referee” to settle the differences both parties have to avoid having a day, week, or month in court has to be a better option. This is what our alternative dispute resolution law firm in Thailand can help facilitate. ViZe Counselor can provide an English-speaking dispute resolution attorney to assist in alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Educated to a high level in English and with many years of experience in practicing in Thailand dispute resolution, our litigation and dispute resolution lawyers are waiting for your call today!

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Suppose you are entering enforced alternative dispute resolution in Thailand or using ADR as a method to define issues before heading to court. In that case, you’ll need the help and assistance of an expert in litigation and dispute resolution law. ViZe Counselor supplies the country’s leading civil and commercial dispute resolution lawyers in the country. Through many years of successfully providing legal services in international dispute resolution and dispute settlement cases, we are firmly perceived as among Thailand’s top alternative dispute resolution firms. If you need an ADR lawyer from a prominent law firm that exceeds the arbitration process, ViZe is the law firm you need to work with.

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No matter what the dispute may be, our Bangkok dispute resolution solicitors are here to assist. As a top alternative dispute resolution law firm in Thailand, our ADR solicitors are adept at acting as a neutral mediator for the parties to being a third party during conciliation. Our dispute resolution law firms’ lawyers possess many high-level skill sets. From commercial dispute resolution lawyers to an expert civil alternative dispute resolution lawyer, ViZe Counselor is a professional Bangkok-based law firm that can facilitate all types of alternative dispute resolution and keep your dispute out of court.

How Does Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Work In Relation to Thailand Law?

The use of alternative dispute resolution, regularly known as ADR, refers to alternative methods of resolving civil and commercial disagreements without court proceedings. Thailand has an already overburdened judicial system, so using ADR for dispute settlement is enforceable in the Kingdom. Thailand uses three main types of ADR, arbitration, mediation, and conciliation. We highly recommend that whichever form of alternative dispute resolution you are involved in that you appoint legal assistance in the form of civil or commercial dispute solicitors in Thailand.





Private Judging


The first of the dispute methods to look at is arbitration. The arbitration process will see all of the parties involved submit a dispute to an arbitrator, or arbitrators, to resolve the conflict and form a binding decision. Each party is allowed legal counsel through ADR lawyers to provide legal assistance and advice. Dispute resolution firms currently see arbitration as jointly the most commonly called upon form of alternative dispute resolution, along with mediation.

Mediation is a highly effective and commonly practiced method of making an amicable agreement to end the dispute. It is the job of the mediator to apply their skill set to assist the parties in finding a settlement. The mediator can be a neutral third-party alternative dispute resolution lawyer appointed on the mutual agreement by the parties. Litigation through the courts is not a route most wish to go down, and finding an agreement between the parties and their ADR solicitors is a more private and cost-effective solution.

The final method of the three types of alternative dispute resolution is conciliation is the least utilized form of ADR. An ADR lawyer can act as a conciliator and help with the dispute by developing a number of options and alternatives to help the parties reach an agreement. Whichever method of ADR is appropriate, judicial dispute resolution is best avoided as the parties of a dispute can maintain privacy with a speedy outcome.

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If you are currently involved in a civil or commercial conflict, you must speak with one of Thailand’s best law firms for dispute resolution. Our ADR lawyers have practiced litigation and dispute resolution law for many years and have overseen countless mediations, arbitrations, and conciliations. Among the best law firms for dispute resolution in the Kingdom, our Bangkok dispute resolution solicitors are on-hand to provide a free consultation and see how we can benefit you with our Thailand dispute resolution services. Contact us today to converse with a dispute resolution attorney that can help you!

Thailand Alternative Dispute Resolution Law Firm FAQs

Alternative dispute resolution in Thailand is a regularly used practice to keep civil and commercial conflict cases out of court. Thailand has a heavily overworked judicial system, so the country enforces ADR. Each party of the dispute can maintain far more privacy and conclude the process of arbitration, mediation, or conciliation in much less time and in a far more cost-effective way.

Thailand uses arbitration, mediation, and conciliation as domestic and international dispute resolution methods. Arbitration and mediation are far more commonly used to ensure parties agree to settle a conflict without the use of the court. In arbitration, the parties must agree on one or more arbitrators to oversee and make a judgment on the dispute that can be binding or nonbinding. Mediation will see an ADR lawyer act as a neutral third party in which they cannot offer advice or guidance. Conciliation allows dispute resolution lawyers to provide both parties with options and suggestions on how best to best resolve issues without needing the court.

As a well-seasoned Thailand dispute resolution firm, we have vast experience in helping with commercial dispute resolution. We have a team of commercial dispute solicitors in Thailand who have dealt with conflicts involving delays and pricing, performance, conformance, and quality issues.

There is a consistent requirement for conflict resolution services in a world where we see civil and commercial conflict. We are a Bangkok-based litigation and dispute resolution law firm with a team of skilled ADR solicitors. We offer a free consultation service that allows you to speak with an ADR lawyer and discuss the case you are involved in.