Mediation Lawyers Thailand and Conciliation Services in Bangkok

ViZe Counselor is a mediation law firm in Bangkok that operates with a team of the finest conciliation solicitors in Thailand. Whether you need mediation in employment disputes, an insurance mediator, or couples mediation, we offer a conciliation service as an alternative dispute resolution. Finding an agreement through negotiation and mediation is a far more cost-effective way of resolving a dispute between two or more parties. Working with our mediation solicitors in Bangkok could offer the perfect solution to conclude your conflict without time-consuming and expensive litigation.

Expert Dispute Mediation Service Covering Family Law Mediation, Employment Mediation, Property Mediation Plus Much More!

The use of mediation and conciliation are favored and more convenient ways of resolving disputes away from a court. The parties involved in the dispute must come to an agreement on whom to use as a mediation attorney and then move forward to find an understanding and settlement. ViZe Counselor provides professional mediation services as an alternative dispute resolution method. We can provide an English-speaking Thai mediation solicitor for mediation in employment disputes, couples mediation for separated couples, and family law mediation to negotiate finances and property division. If you require the services of a leading mediation firm, contact the ViZe conciliation and mediation team today!

Our Conciliation Services Offer A Cost Effective Alternative Dispute Resolution Option in Thailand

Regardless of whether you need an English-speaking commercial mediation attorney in Thailand or family mediation solicitors to help settle a dispute, mediation and the conciliation process offer a cost-effective solution for the parties involved in a conflict. With the professional guidance of mediation and conciliation solicitors, the parties in a dispute are encouraged to find creative remedies during the mediation so that the conflict will not have to be taken through the judicial system. Under the supervision of the ViZe Counselor professional mediation services, resolutions can be established using a financially advantageous method and with relations kept civil.

Need a Thai Divorce Mediation Lawyer or a Commercial Mediation Attorney? Our Bangkok Conciliation Solicitors Are Here to Help!

Are you separated from your partner and want couples mediation to avoid a lengthy and expensive court battle? ViZe Counselor has a highly experienced divorce mediation lawyer who can provide impartial help in resolving personal disputes. Relations between divorcing couples can be challenging, and we will be happy to provide a bilingual Thai mediation solicitor to offer ADR over the division of finances and property. Our team also includes an accomplished commercial mediation attorney in Thailand who will provide the parties in the dispute with total privacy and confidentiality of all information. Commercial dispute mediation offers a highly flexible means of finding an agreement and all parties moving forward without requiring expensive and often public litigation.

How Do Mediation and Conciliation Services Work Within the Framework of Thailand Law?

The first thing to note here is that although similar, mediation and conciliation differ. Mediation services allow for a mediator to act as an unbiased third party. While the conciliation process allows for conciliation solicitors to be in the discussion to help bring about a resolution and binding settlement agreement. Thailand is, in fact, a country that will enforce alternative dispute resolution by using either arbitration, mediation, or conciliation services. ADR upholds a significant role in Thailand, meaning that lawyers for mediation and conciliation in alternative dispute resolution are called upon regularly.

Stage One: Opening Statement

Stage Two: Opening Remarks From The Disputants

Stage Three: Joint Discussion

Stage Four: Private Caucus

Stage Five: Joint Negotiation

Stage Six: Written Settlement Agreement

Mediation firms are commonly used in an attempt to get the conflicting parties to find an agreement and stop the dispute from going through a lengthy and often costly court case. This is often the situation, and a settlement between the parties involved can be found. There may be times when mediation does not work, and Thailand conciliation lawyers are required to be active in discussions and try to bring a resolution to avoid litigation.

For the out-of-court mediation to commence, all parties must mutually agree on a Thai mediation solicitor who will help settle the dispute. If the conflicting parties cannot agree upon a mediation firm, the Thai Mediation Center will supply a mediator. Once the parties have reached an agreement, they can choose to enter into a binding compromise agreement that would be enforceable under Thai law or withdraw the claim from the court.

Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms were implemented to facilitate a more effortless and quicker route to finding a solution for conflicting parties. Even though this is a direct gateway to an agreement between the parties, having conciliation and mediation lawyers present is highly recommended. Appointing legal representation from a law firm for their mediation and conciliation services ensures the correct advice and legal counsel are given. They can help in the event of agreeing to any early conciliation settlements or binding agreements.

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If you need mediation or conciliation services in Thailand, ViZe Counselor is the ADR mediation law firm in Bangkok you require to get the desired result! With the support of a top-quality mediation or conciliation lawyer in Bangkok, you can keep your dispute private and away from a long, drawn-out court battle. Mediation and conciliation solicitors at ViZe Couselor are experienced in providing personal and business mediation services with our English-speaking team. Contact us today and request a free consultation from one of the country’s leading mediation firms which offers the finest professional mediation services.

Mediation and Conciliation Services Thailand FAQs

Thailand’s conciliation process allows a conciliator to actively participate in discussions to resolve a dispute. The parties involved in a dispute can appoint a mediation firm to help find an agreement to the conflict.

During the conciliation process, the appointed conciliator is responsible for assisting the disputing parties. Conciliation solicitors can actively get the parties to realise why an out-of-court agreement is to their benefit.

Mediation firms are commonly used in Thailand to help mediate as a method of dispute resolution. Thailand’s court system is overworked, which is seen as the preferred way for conflicting parties to resolve personal or commercial disputes away from court litigation. Professional mediation services are available to act as a neutral party in discussions.

We have a team of highly experienced English-speaking mediation solicitors in Bangkok who will gladly provide an initial free consultation to discuss your requirements. Whether you need an insurance mediator, property mediation, employment or business mediation services, the ViZe Counselor mediation law firm in Bangkok has a trained solicitor you can talk to for advice.