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Whenever you consider purchasing property or making a business investment in the Kingdom, due diligence solicitors in Thailand provide an essential service to ensure you make an enlightened and educated decision. ViZe Counselor is a Bangkok-based law firm specializing in real estate and commercial due diligence consulting in Thailand. If you need an expert in tax due diligence, commercial, real estate, or reputational due diligence, we operate with a team of the highest qualified lawyers practicing due diligence in Thailand, and our firm is recognized as one of the leading Bangkok due diligence service providers.

Bangkok Based Due Diligence Law Firm For Real Estate and Commercial Due Diligence Consulting

Completing due diligence for real estate deals or having a commercial due diligence report undertaken before completing a business deal is essential for protecting yourself, legally and financially. ViZe Counselor is a seasoned Bangkok due diligence law firm with expertise in all types of due diligence in Thailand. We operate with a team of English-speaking Thai due diligence lawyers with expertise across the board in accomplishing comprehensive, in-depth reports on behalf of our clients. If you’re a foreigner conducting any commercial investments or real estate purchases in Thailand, our due diligence services are available to ensure you make a decision based on facts rather than hope.

Entering A Business Agreement In Thailand Without Conducting A Due Diligence Audit Beforehand Can Be Extremely Hazardous!

2020 Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) figures reported that local and foreign investment was valued at 481.1 billion baht, equivalent to USD16 billion. It’s clear to see that the country is viewed favorably regarding investment opportunities. With so much money being invested, commercial due diligence consulting in Thailand has seen a surge in demand as investors look for assurances that they are speculating wisely. Entering a business deal for USD100,000 or USD10,000,000 will come with its hazards. But doing so without the expertise of a commercial due diligence report could see a dream investment turn into impending self-destruction.

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Thailand entered 2023 with a positive outlook for the economic future and the real estate market. The country expects considerable foreign investment, requiring due diligence attorneys in Thailand to be kept occupied to protect investors. If you find yourself speculating in the real estate market, you must have a commercial due diligence report to safeguard your investment. Commercial real estate due diligence can be completed by an experienced due diligence lawyer at ViZe Counselor, one of the leading Bangkok due diligence service providers.

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Operating from our capital city office, ViZe Counselor is recognized and well-respected within the legal profession for having some of the brightest minds in many types of due diligence in Thailand. The ViZe legal team comprises 37 legal and paralegal, lawyers, accountants, and business advisors. With a multi-lingual team that can converse in Thai, English, German, Mandarin, and Cantonese, we are the #1 Bangkok due diligence law firm. We can arrange multiple services, including tax due diligence, vendor due diligence, customer due diligence, and reputational due diligence, amongst others. Whatever you require, from a due diligence audit to a full report, please speak to our Thai due diligence lawyers today!

Why Is Due Diligence Consulting An Important Aspect Of Thailand's Contract Law?

The process of due diligence consulting is of the utmost importance when any business transactions are being done. Beginning the process with a red flag report, due diligence will determine if any aspects of the transaction or asset inhibit a client from proceeding with a deal. The practice of due diligence can include two varieties of due diligence, soft and hard. A hard due diligence audit contains things such as assets, liabilities, costs, benefits, and structures. Soft due diligence services look at aspects including the people within a company, such as management. It will also look at the culture and all other human elements.

Property Due Diligence

Financial Due Diligence.

Tax Due Diligence.

Reputational Due Diligence

Operational Due Diligence

Business Due Diligence

Our Bangkok diligence lawyers will investigate multiple aspects of your prospective investment. From company sales, prices, returns, advertising, and salaries, to legal contracts, including leases, subcontractor agreements, employee agreements, liabilities, and insurance coverage. Commercial due diligence solicitors in Thailand will investigate all aspects of a company’s operation to ensure that any potential investment is conducted based on facts rather than goodwill. Due diligence in contract law is essential for the protection of all parties.

Regarding property, protecting the interests of both parties involved in a deal and the interests of third parties goes a long way to help define due diligence in real estate. If you’re purchasing from developers, financial due diligence can highlight any financial issues that a developer may have that could affect your deal. Due diligence for real estate will also provide information regarding any previous or current legal issues and court cases, check land boundaries and construction quality, and review construction and building permits.

Whatever deal you are involved in, whether a company takeover or a real estate investment, due diligence in Thailand is critical to ensure that your investment is protected and that you are not paying over the odds and getting fair value. Due diligence in contract law is an area within ViZe Counselor’s sphere, and we will gladly appoint our expert due diligence attorneys in Thailand to protect you, your investments, and all third parties.

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Our Bangkok office has a team of the finest professionals in the country and can provide all types of due diligence in Thailand, from operational due diligence and property due diligence to commercial and customer due diligence. Our dedicated expert legal team awaits your call, whatever due diligence service you require. ViZe Counselor is the preeminent Bangkok due diligence law firm, so protect yourself and your investment and contact us today!

Thailand Due Diligence Law Firm FAQs

Due diligence in Thailand can be a legal obligation in specific circumstances. For foreign investors in Thailand, a due diligence company such as ViZe Counselor will investigate all aspects of the prospective investment. It can also include a complete translation of contracts and financial records to ensure the investor is fully aware of all company details before a decision can be made. Depending upon the type of investment you plan on making, speak with a due diligence lawyer to find out what your legal obligations are at the beginning of the process.

The cost of commercial due diligence can vary depending on how much in-depth investigation is required to attain the necessary information to make an educated and informed decision on an investment. An initial red flag report, due diligence investigation can be performed to gain an initial overview of issues that may be cause for concern. and then a complete property of commercial due diligence report can be done. For a better idea of potential costs regarding our service, contact our Bangkok diligence lawyers with your specific requirements, and we’ll gladly assist.

ViZe Counselor have years of practical expertise in many types of due diligence in Thailand, and one of the services that we regularly operate is property due diligence. As a foreign investor in Thailand, due diligence for real estate deals is critical for checking everything from the credibility of the seller or developer doing physical inspections of the property to checking the build quality, deeds, land boundaries, and construction permits. Our due diligence attorneys in Thailand can prepare a report in English allowing you to have a complete understanding and overview of any potential deal.

ViZe Counselor is a Bangkok-based law firm that offers multiple types of due diligence in Thailand. We have an expert legal team who speak Thai, English, German, Cantonese, and Mandarin and offer services that include operational due diligence, tax due diligence, financial due diligence, and property and commercial due diligence consulting in Thailand.

We have customer due diligence lawyers within our team who have many years of experience. CDD is essential for doing background checks and screening a company’s existing customers to ensure that they are not involved in any legal issues or court battles. As a long-standing and well-recognized due diligence company, we will appoint the most appropriately qualified and experienced due diligence lawyer to handle your affairs.