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BOI Company Thailand Registration by Leading Thailand Board of Investment Lawyers

Thailand BOI Company Registration couldn’t be easier when engaged with our expert Thai BOI lawyers. We will take Thailand’s complex application process and make it simple, with guaranteed application success from the application process to approval, and guaranteed to give your newly formed BOI Certified Company Formation a range of benefits including (but not limited to):

BOI Thailand Company Registration Incentives Are Attractive

The Board of Investment (BOI) Thailand’s goal is to promote and develop foreign investment in Thailand. The BOI was founded under The Board of Investment Act 1997, which describes The BOI Thailand has the main objective of ensuring “The promotion and development of direct Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) leading to the increased export and generation”. Through careful consideration, the BOI decides which applying companies are eligible for BOI Thailand business registration. Following BOI approval, incentives are given to the registered BOI companies in Thailand.

Formation of a BOI Company in Thailand is Extremely Lucrative for New Businesses

These BOI Thailand benefits are designed to kick-start the newly formed company registration with boi accreditation. Promoting a sustainable foreign business model to operate in Thailand while incentivizing investment in Thailand via supporting the Thai economy and offering employment opportunities to Thai workers, ultimately, BOI investment is a win-win situation for all concerned. Once BOI company registration is complete and the business is up and running, the long list of the BOI’s system of privileges and benefits can be taken advantage of by the newly BOI registered company. If you have any questions about the BOI Thailand benefits available, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Board of Investment Company Thailand Registration is a Unique Opportunity for Foreign Investors

Obtaining a Thailand BOI company formation and being awarded your BOI certificate give you a company formation that is truly unique. The Board of Investment (BOI) Thailand gives foreign companies fitting the BOI Company Registration Requirements many attractive BOI business incentives and privileges as a reward for investing in Thailand. Contact our team to get started with the BOI certificate of registration process using our ALL in One “Thai Board of Investment Company Registration Service”.

Benefits of Thailand BOI Company Registration with BOI Accreditation VS Thai Co., Ltd Formation

The Board of Investment Promotion offers Thailand business registration for foreign businesses falling into approved business categories. Each BOI approved designated industry sector has its own list of specialised investment promotion incentives to promote investment in Thailand. The following are just a few of the many benefits of The Board of Investment (BOI) Company formation structure vs Thai Company Limited structure and, as is apparent in the table below, the BOI incentives for any type of company that is in the approved list of industries makes it worth the effort of registering a BOI company.
BOI Company Thailand vs Thai Company Limited

BOI Company Thailand List of BOI Approved Categories

To register a BOI Company, Thailand’s Board of Investment allows you to apply for one of the following industry categories:


Alternative Energy


Automation and Robotics



Data Center and Cloud Service

Digital Economy and Software



Medical Device

Medical Hub



Smart Electronic


BOI Company Thailand Requirements for Registration

BOI company Thailand Registration Lawyer

How Thai BOI Company Application Process Works

To register a Thai BOI Company, you need to either have intimate knowledge of the BOI application process OR use the services of a BOI lawyer, such as Vize, who manage the entire process for you from start to finish. The process of BOI Thailand company registration may seem daunting and intricate, but our BOI Law Firm gives our clients with The benefits of an assigned a BOI Thailand Company Registration Specialist, who is fully bilingual to ensure the process is easy to understand, and they are fully committed to making sure your application is a success. Our service is also supported by the Vize team, who will walk you through The BOI Thailand business set-up process to ensure that your project reaches its fullest potential.

Thailand BOI Company Registration Requirements and How to Register a BOI Company in Thailand

The source of the below “Procedures to Apply for Thailand BOI Promotions” illustration is the Board of Investment Thailand website

BOI Thailand Company Registration Requirements

Thailand Board of Investment Application Incentives Vary Depending on Category

The Thailand Board of Investment offers four types of incentives to foreign companies that meet its requirements. The incentives include (but are not limited to) tax privileges, fee benefits, investment promotion privileges, and other non-tax privileges. The Vize BOI experts can help you understand how The BOI Thailand company registration process works so that your company is quickly awarded a BOI certificate of privileges. The BOI Thailand incentives fall under four categories:


The Board of Investment Thailand registration for projects in the eastern part of the country, including Rayong.


The BOI Thailand registration for projects located in the North or Northeast region.


The BOI Thailand registration only if you use Thai local service providers and do not hire foreign employees.


The BOI Thailand company is set up for companies that intend to reinvest in certain troubled border provinces (Chiang Rai and Tak), which need more economic development and investment than can be offered by Thailand’s neighbours, Laos and Burma. The help of a qualified legal consultant is needed to ensure that your application will meet all BOI requirements for registration.

BOI Company Thailand Registration Is Easy With Our BOI Set Up and Management

If you are an investor who has never set up a BOI Thailand Company before and wants to explore all The BOI Thailand Business Incentive Packages, contact ViZe Counselor now for your one-stop BOI Thailand Company Registration and Management Services. Our trained experts in setting up Board of Investment (BOI) Thailand companies will walk you through the entire process from start to finish which includes: preparing and submitting your BOI application documents, The BOI registration processing and review, The BOI legal support services, The BOI company bank account opening and much more!

BOI Company Thailand FAQs

Firstly, you need to understand The BOI requirements before starting your Board of Investment Thailand company registration application. ViZe Counselor’s Expert Team provides clients with all The Board of Investment (BOI) Thailand services at very competitive prices. Our Thailand BOI registration service fees are highly competitive because we provide premium level services and value for money. So you can enjoy our world-class 1st class customer service and high standard professional legal compliance guaranteed by our English speaking BOI lawyers.
When The Board of Investment Thailand allows you to start a BOI Company formation in Thailand, it can be a rewarding experience for your company. The benefits and privileges of The Board of Investment Thailand will provide business investors with opportunities to achieve benefits or incentives from the Thai BOI.
The BOI in Thailand is The Board of Investment Thailand, a government initiative to promote Foreign Direct Investment in Thailand. Thailand’s BOI company registration process consists of two stages. The BOI will issue a Board of Investment Thailand Company Certificate, which awards the newly formed business a whole host of incentives, such as Exemption from Income Tax for five years.
The BOI provides foreign investors with The Office of The Trade Representative (OTR) license and one-year corporate income tax exemption for five years. The first stage begins upon receipt of The BOI Thailand Certificate; then, the foreigner must register their Thai company at The Department Of Business Development (DBD). The second stage begins after The BOI processes your application and you are granted an Office of The Trade Representative (OTR) License. At this point, The BOI will issue a Board of Investment Thailand Certificate for Exemption from Income Tax for five years.
The BOI Thailand law is formulated to give significant benefits and incentives to foreign investors wishing to start a business in The Kingdom of Thailand. As The BOI’s objective is to be business-friendly, BOI Thailand has created policies that allow foreigners to establish their own Thai Companies.