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Family Law Firm Bangkok, Thailand Family Lawyers You Can Trust

Navigating the Thailand family law system can be an arduous process, especially if you are a foreigner (or Farang). Vize Counselor can help; we are a specialist team of Chinese and English speaking family lawyers based in Bangkok. Being an accomplished Thailand family lawyer Vize Counselor has years of experience handling complex family law cases in Thailand involving expats or people of different nationalities.

Our team has English, Chinese, Thai, and other multilingual communication skills meaning our family law practice offers something genuinely unique to assist our clients requirements. Our team of Bangkok family lawyers appreciate that it’s essential for the family dispute lawyer to fully understand the intricacies involved in foreign jurisdictions and how they are interpreted by Thai law when family disputes arise. So the family law specialist can make informed decisions about the best way to proceed. If you have a family law issue in Thailand and want to speak to a specialist Thailand family lawyer, please don’t hesitate to contact Vize Counselor today.

An Experienced Family Law Solicitor Covering the Full Spectrum of Family Law in Thailand

If you’re looking for an experienced family lawyer, Bangkok residents and the local expat community trusts ViZe Counselor will be well suited to your needs. Our team of lawyers specializing in family law cover many areas of family law, such as civil unions and marriages. The ViZe Counselor family law solicitors also cover Thai law divorce cases that involve contested or uncontested cases on the situation of each case. Our family matter lawyers also help couples who wish to adopt a child, who must be guided through specific Thai legal procedures before gaining full legal custody. We also specialise in preparing legally binding premarital and prenuptial agreements, which are an excellent way of protecting assets and any potential liabilities. Being one of the best family solicitors in Thailand, we are also happy to say we can also help with the legality of arranging Thai marriage papers and certificates in accordance with Thai law requirements. Alongside, Wills and Estate Planning which is easily arranged by our Bangkok family lawyer team.

The ViZe Counselor Bangkok family law office specialises in the following areas of Thailand family law expertise:





Our English Speaking Bangkok Family Court Lawyers Are Meticulous, Reliable and Trustworthy In Their Approach

Over the many years, we have been in Vize Counselor has gained a vast amount of family law experience advising foreign clients on international family law and Thailand family law matters. Our legal expertise is underpinned with clear communication as all of our staff are multilingual and fluent in Thai, Chinese and English. We fully understand the importance of our family lawyer responsibilities and always aim to resolve Thai court matters in the most conciliatory and cost-effective manner possible.Vize Counselor has a proven track record in providing legal advice on all aspects of Thai family law. If you are looking for a proficient family court attorney to represent you at a court hearing. Our family court lawyers have extensive experience working in the highly pressurised Thai court arena and have successfully settled many divorce hearings and won many custody dispute hearings. If you are actively looking for family court solicitors for an upcoming family law legal case, please don’t hesitate to contact our team and arrange a no-obligation free consultation with one of our family law lawyers.

Top Family Lawyers in Thailand Exhibiting Equal Measures of Empathy, Courage and Conviction Needed to Win Your Case

Whether you are facing divorce or are in the midst of a child support and custody battle, the ViZe Counselor local family solicitors have years of experience working with sensitive family matters. Our Bangkok family lawyers team is formed around a strong ethos of showing high levels of empathy to our clients, so we fully understand all the essential aspects of the sensitive situation in a caring, empathetic manner. We do consider ourselves to be the best family lawyer in Bangkok, Thailand for expats due to our ability to listen and have the ability to converse fully in English and Chinese language. After all, communication is critical, especially when dealing with Thailand family law’s very sensitive nature. If you are interested in speaking with a ViZe Counselor attorney family law specialist, please give us a call or fill in our contact form and leave your details to arrange a free consultation at our family lawyer offices in Bangkok.

Contact the Thailand Family Lawyers Vize Counselor and Arrange a Free Consultation Today

If you are looking for a family attorney here in Thailand, we would love to hear from you. We don’t consider ourselves to be cheap family lawyers, but we do think of ourselves as an affordable family lawyer who will go the extra mile for our western and Chinese clients. With clear communication and no confusion every step of the way, we like to think our Bangkok family law firm offers a reassuring and practical service you will not find anywhere else. We provide our clients with an expert understanding of international family law and the ramifications of how it ties together with family law in Thailand. This gives us the ability to help you circumnavigate the labyrinth of the Thai court system with a successful outcome, of course. To arrange a free consultation with one of our highly experienced and knowledgeable Chinese or English Thailand family lawyers, please fill in the below contact form.

Thailand Family Lawyers FAQs

A Thailand family lawyer is a must when facing family disputes such as divorce, child custody, child support and visitation rights to see your child or children, as well as the division of property after divorce. If you’re in the middle of a family dispute, let our team of family court solicitors at Vize Counselor help guide you through the hoops of the Thai legal system so you can arrive at an amicable solution. We provide professional Thailand family law services for international clients across the whole of Thailand, and we have a great track in giving our clients the best possible legal outcomes for their Thailand family law cases.
The Family Code of Thailand is the fundamental law covering marriage, divorce and custody of children in Thailand. Thailand family lawyers need to understand how the Family Code Law works and how the Thai legal system interprets it concerning different Thailand family law cases. However, the family law attorney also needs to consider international family law as family laws from other countries could impact the outcome of the family law case here in Thailand. This is often the case when people are married or divorced outside of Thailand’s international borders. For more information about this often confusing subject, please contact Vize Counselor and speak to one of our international family lawyers. We offer exemplary family law services in the heart of Bangkok, and we are sure we can help.