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Have you been accused of computer crimes by law enforcement agencies? Are you the victim of identity theft and internet crimes? Cyber police in Thailand are busier than ever, with computer systems used to commit online fraud, cyber bullying, view child pornography, and other criminal activity. Individuals and complex illegal computer networks seriously threaten our daily lives, but ViZe Counselor are the #1 computer fraud solicitors in Bangkok who deal in cyber law. We provide our clients with the best cyber crime lawyers in Thailand for defense or prosecution when cyber offenses are committed, and laws are broken.

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With the incredible rise in electronic communication and more sensitive information and financial transactions being completed online, the increase in cyber law crimes being broken was inevitable. As experienced computer crime solicitors, in recent years, we’ve seen technology used to commit hacking and cyber attacks, grooming of minors, theft of digital currencies and confidential information, cyber stalking, and other extremely harmful illegal activity. Suppose you’ve been the victim of computer crimes. In that case, a ViZe Counselor computer crime lawyer in Thailand can help conduct an investigation and gather evidence to bring criminal charges against the perpetrators.

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The ViZe Counselor cyber fraud lawyers at our Bangkok office have vast experience representing victims of cybercrime in Thailand. Computer crimes can be very complex and sophisticated, with criminals able to commit identity theft and fraud, gain unauthorized access to bank accounts to steal money, access the dark web, and distribute child pornography. Cyber crime law firms have also seen an upsurge in online grooming and cyber stalking. If you’ve been the victim of any cybercrime and need a Thailand cyber stalking lawyer, computer fraud attorney, or a lawyer for internet crimes, ViZe Counselor has the #1 computer crimes lawyers in Bangkok waiting to help!

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Do you stand accused by law enforcement of gaining unauthorized access to information in an attempt to commit fraud and other crimes? Are you facing cybercrime charges of hacking, stalking, or online bullying? If so, you’ll need a cyber crime defense lawyer. If convicted of cybercrime in Thailand, penalties can include substantial fines and serious prison time. Contact a Bangkok cyber-criminal lawyer today and seek legal counsel today! Our internet crime lawyers are up-to-date on computer crime laws and have experience representing the defense. The threat of prison is genuine for those convicted of internet crimes, making computer crime lawyers invaluable.

How Does Thailand Cyber Crime Law Work?

The Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019) characterizes the essence of personal data as any data pertinent to a person or individual that permits direct or indirect identification. Additionally, acquiring, using, or sharing an individual’s personal data is illegal without gaining consent when they collect the data. Typically, permission is given using a written proclamation or an alternative electronic method. The Personal Data Protection Act states that a data protection officer can decide on data collection, use, or disclosure. Even with data protection laws, Cybercrime in Thailand is still rampant, and internet crime solicitors are busier than ever.

Personal Information leaks are used as a tool for blackmailing such as private videos of ex-couples or partners.

Phishing, such as sending fake emails to get personal information.

Identity theft involves the misuse of your personal information.

Theft and sale of corporate data.

Hacking, or the shutting down or misusing of websites or computer networks.

Cyber extortion, or demanding money to prevent a  threatened attack.

Recent times have seen a hike in cases of cyber crimes involving discontented ex-partners committing offenses such as cyber bullying and blackmail. Cyber crime law firms are seeing private videos used as a weapon to extort money. Phishing is also an internet crime that cyber crime solicitors see regularly. Phishing is where individuals or organized computer networks send emails and messages professing to be from legitimate companies to harvest personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

Identity theft is another online crime that the legal system and an internet crime attorney will see all too often. It is one of the fastest-growing computer crimes, and hundreds of billions of dollars are lost annually. Once in possession of your details, an offender can gain credit and bank loans in your name. Victims can appoint a cyber crime victim attorney to investigate, gather evidence, and prosecute if this happens. Penalties for these complex cases can range from severe fines to a maximum sentence of several years in prison.

Criminal activity using a computer and the internet is a legal issue that only seems to increase. Unauthorized use of sensitive information using computers can wreak havoc on people’s lives. An experienced cyber crime lawyer from one of Thailand’s premier cyber crime law firms can aid the defense or prosecution with any legal issue. Our attorneys have a comprehensive knowledge of cybercrime in Thailand and have helped many clients achieve their desired outcomes. If you require legal representation, a ViZe Bangkok cyber crime attorney awaits your call!

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If you face potential legal action in a cyber crimes case, you will require a computer crime lawyer in Thailand. Complex online fraud and criminal activity cases call for the finest internet attorneys. The ViZe Counselor computer fraud solicitors in Bangkok are all multilingual, speaking Thai and English, and are available for a free consultation to discuss your particular needs. Whether you stand accused of unauthorised access to sensitive data or are the victim of cybercrime in Thailand, contact a Bangkok cyber crime attorney today and see what legal assistance we can provide you.

Thailand Cyber Crime Law Firm FAQs

Yes, Thailand does have a data protection law. The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) was enacted on 21st June 2022. Although the PDPA is in effect, criminals are still committing internet and computer crime at quite alarming levels. Internet crime solicitors see more and more cases of cyber crime. Still, the data protection law is a highly positive step in the right direction for stopping online crime and getting criminal charges brought against those guilty of breaking the law.

The computer crime act in Thailand provides the government with free reign to hamper free speech and engage in surveillance. The amended Act has criminalized obscenity and defamation, and a five-person committee was commissioned to obtain the approval of the court to censor online content. Our cyber crime lawyers in Thailand are available for a free consultation if you require more specific details regarding the computer crime act.

Several offenses are covered under cyber crime law in Thailand. The first of those would be hacking. Hacking is the action of accessing a computer system without authorization. There are also computer crimes known as denial of service attacks. This is where the offender obstructs, defers, blocks, or interferes with a computer and causes it to miscarry from its regular function. The maximum sentence for this offense is a 100,000 baht fine and 5-years in prison. Next, there is phishing. Phishing is a crime that cyber fraud lawyers deal with regularly and is probably the faster growing type of computer crime. The last of the most common cyber crimes covered is the infection of IT systems using malware. Cyber law crimes have been getting more sophisticated through the years. Still, cyber police, the Thai government, and internet crime lawyers are working to punish those responsible for computer and internet-based criminality.

Recent data showed Thailand’s top 5 computer crimes were phishing scams, website spoofing, ransomware, malware, and IOT hacking. Technology advances daily, and online criminals often operate complex scams to obtain data or money dishonestly. Online security continually doesn’t advance as quickly as criminal schemes, so cybercrime in Thailand and globally is rising.

ViZe Counselor has a team of computer crime solicitors who have dealt with multiple cases of internet criminality. An experienced cyber crime lawyer from one of Thailand’s top cyber crime law firms will enable you to confidently progress with legal proceedings in internet and computer crime-based litigation.