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Thai Foreign Business License Lawyer In Bangkok, Thailand

Thai laws can be strict when it comes to foreign nationals seeking a business opportunity in the Kingdom. The Thai government reserves certain rights only available to its citizens through the Thai Foreign Business Act (FBA). Foreign entrepreneurs or investors wishing to set up their businesses within Thai borders must first apply for a Foreign Business License (FBL) at the Ministry of Commerce Foreign Licensing Department. It could potentially be tricky, and if not done correctly, you could run into problems with the foreign business license law. This is why you need the help of the best business license lawyer Bangkok could offer. Let Vize Counselor guide you in navigating these laws from start to finish.

What is a Foreign Business License in Thailand?

A Foreign Business License in Thailand allows a foreign entity to operate a business with certain limitations or requirements under the Foreign Business Act Thailand implements. The country’s Foreign Licensing Department grants this license to a foreign company with a minimum capital of THB 2,000,000 unless the type of business is restricted by the Foreign Business Act and is meant only for Thai nationals. Don’t hesitate to contact Thai foreign business license specialist Vize for assistance with acquiring the license and any legal services you need. We will help make sure everything goes smoothly.

How the Application Works for a Foreign Business License

The Foreign Business Act Thailand has is not only intended to regulate foreign companies. With the Foreign Business Act, Thailand defines how a foreign company, investor or entrepreneur can acquire a business license in Thailand and do business in the country. It establishes what type of activity can be done by these non-Thai nationals and under which circumstances they should be able to conduct their businesses here. 

Thailand has harsh penalties for anyone who breaches any part of the Foreign Business Act with fines up to THB 1 million, and even imprisonment is possible. Vize is a Thai foreign business license service that, apart from being known for providing top-notch legal services. We ensure you acquire a business license in Thailand, and are also trusted for monitoring to ensure you’re always compliant under Thai laws.

What Are The Most Popular Thai Foreign Business Licenses?

Below is a list of the most popular Foreign Business Licenses based on our teams experience and we’ve included links to the specific pages on our website for further information:

Requirements for a Foreign Business License

If you’re a foreign entity filing for a Foreign Business License in Thailand, the business you want to start in the country must have THB 2 million as capital. This is the minimum requirement under the Foreign Business Act Thailand implements to govern foreign investments.

Applicants must have permission to enter Thailand under the country’s immigration law and not be (quasi) incompetent, nor have been subjected to any court judgments or fines, especially involving fraud. With the advice of the Foreign Business Committee, the Minister of Commerce may issue regulations prescribing other conditions for an applicant for the foreign business license. Solicitor assistance, especially from a top consultant business license Thailand respects such as Vize, would prove valuable, especially in complex matters involving acquiring the license.

If approval has already been obtained from the Board of Investment, then the applicants can easily and quickly get their license from the Foreign Licensing Department.

What is the Thai Foreign Business Act (FBA) and How Is It Connected To Foreign Business Licenses?

The Foreign Business Act (FBA) Thailand was passed by the Chuan Leekpai-controlled National Legislative Assembly in 1999. Through the Foreign Business Act, Thailand prohibits anyone who isn’t Thai from operating certain types of businesses in the country unless a permit or business license in Thailand has been obtained with the approval of the Cabinet of the Foreign Business Committee. The FBA states that a business can be considered foreign if it is established under the laws of another country, and it includes people and entities that are non-Thai holding at least 50% ownership rights in the business. Violators of the Act can face penalties of between THB 100,000 and THB 1 million and even 3 years of imprisonment. The FBA lays out what needs to happen before foreign investors can start doing business in Thailand, in accordance with three categories of restrictions.

Get Compliant Today with the Foreign Business License Lawyers at Vize Counselor

The application for a license in Thailand can be a complicated process for foreign investors or entrepreneurs; it would get you searching for the best “business license attorney near me” on Google. While the criteria that need to be met may seem daunting, foreign business licence solicitor Vize can help you navigate the entire process. We are committed to making sure you adhere to the Thai Foreign Business Act (FBA) from start to finish so that filing your application for the required license would not pose any problems. With the help of a foreign business licence lawyer from Vize, rest assured you will be able to comply with Thai laws and enjoy all their benefits. Don’t hesitate to contact Vize if there are any questions or concerns regarding setting up an office here in Thailand and enquiries on the legal services we have on offer.

Thailand Foreign Business License Lawyers FAQs

Applications by foreign nationals for a business license in Thailand are submitted to the Foreign Licensing Department of the Ministry of Commerce. Apart from checking whether the applicants meet the requirements set forth by the Foreign Business Act, Thailand Cabinet or the country’s Foreign Business Committee will review and evaluate the application based on, among others, the significant benefits it can provide to the country. Under the Foreign Business Act, Thailand has a 60-day deadline to approve or deny the application. Within 15 days of approval, the Foreign Licensing Department will issue the Foreign Business License in Thailand.
The entire process could take time, and the result could be unpredictable as many different factors are involved. This can make things difficult for those who are unsure where to start, which is why getting a foreign business licence lawyer to help you is essential. When you’re in Thailand and start looking for a “business license attorney near me” through Google, you will be led to a long law firm search result list. At the top of that list would be the Thai foreign business license service ViZe. As the consultant business license Thailand trusts, we have helped foreign investors and entrepreneurs get their licenses quickly and easily. This Thai foreign business license specialist will guide you through every step to expedite approval and ensure a more straightforward process during an appeal if needed.
Foreign companies will need to pay different government fees to obtain the license, and to understand how much a foreign business license in Thailand is, you should first start by researching your options (i.e. if you have the time, you may want to explore the application process independently, but most don’t) using guides like this and checking major search engines for keywords like “foreign business license attorney near me”. The experts you would help get you started with the process, including the amount of money you need to prepare for the application. The entire amount will depend on the type of business you plan to establish in Thailand and where it falls under the Foreign Business Act Thailand classification system. Our trusted Thai foreign business license service will happily discuss the specific amount that applies to your business.