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Thailand Financial Crime Lawyers and Economic Crime Law Firm Bangkok

Have you been the victim of a financial crime and need an economic crime lawyer? Do you stand accused of committing white-collar financial fraud and need a financial crimes investigator to prove your innocence? ViZe Counselor is the leading Bangkok financial crime law firm that can provide legal advice and represent you in financial crime cases. Economic offences are nothing new in Thailand, with crimes such as tax evasion, government procurement fraud, corruption, drug trafficking, underground banking, and money laundering being rife. Whether you’re the plaintiff or defendant in an upcoming criminal investigation or trial, we are here to provide financial crime services in Thailand that go unmatched.

Trustworthy English Speaking International Financial Crime Lawyers in Thailand

Whenever a foreign national is involved in alleged financial crime in the Kingdom, understanding financial crime law in Thailand can be a significant complication. ViZe Counselor has been practising financial criminal law for many years and has a multi-lingual team of economic crime lawyers who speak Thai, Chinese, and English. An international financial crimes attorney adept in English communication will gladly advise, guide, and represent you in bribery and corruption, fraud, and all white-collar economic crime cases. If you need the services of a trustworthy financial crime lawyer, Thailand-based ViZe Counselor is the go-to financial crime law firm.

From Money Laundering to Insider Dealing Our Financial Crime Lawyers Are Well-Versed In All Aspects of Economic Crime in Thailand

Like all other countries, Thailand has a history of economic crime being committed. Since the Asian financial crisis of 1997-1998, financial crime intelligence agencies have become much more aware of criminal activity involving individuals and corporations. ViZe Counselor has gained vast experience in many forms of economic crime in Thailand, both in the public and private sectors. With our expert knowledge of money laundering, investment fraud, tax evasion, and insider dealing, our financial crime services are perfectly positioned to assist with potential investigations and act as your legal counsel in financial crime cases.

Need Legal Representation for a Bribery and Corruption Case in Thailand? Speak to Our Financial Crime Attorneys Today!

Financial crime law in Thailand doesn’t have a detailed definition of bribery under the Penal Code of Thailand. Bribery is the promise to give property or another benefit to an official. The definition of a public official in Thailand is an individual appointed by the Kingdom of Thailand to carry out duties for the Kingdom. Bribery and corruption are serious offences and can carry a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment, depending on multiple factors. Having the best Bangkok financial crime law firm to provide legal assistance in the form of the finest economic crime lawyer is the astute thing to do. If you need help, speak with Thailand financial crime lawyers today!

How Does Financial Crime Law Work in Thailand?

The principal economic crime law in Thailand is Act B. E 2542, which includes all the provisions for financial crimes. It has been made mandatory for banks and other financial institutions in Thailand to report transactions over $1600. Act B. E 2542 also states that any attempt to invest income illegally gained or not declared for tax purposes, known as “black money”, is a criminal offence and can carry a prison term of up to 15 years. It’s clear to see from the Act that financial crime law in Thailand is a priority.

Financial Fraud

Cyber Crime

Money Laundering.

Terrorist Financing

Bribery And Corruption

Market Abuse And Insider Dealing

The law for economic crime in Thailand also covers terrorist financing. Act B. E 2559 (2016) is the Counter Terrorism and Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction Financing (CTPF). As you can imagine, both foreign and domestic terrorism has become more frequent in recent years, with individuals and terror groups being more prominent in society. Money laundering and fraud are used to finance these criminal acts, and these economic offences are being clamped down on to crack down on terror activity.

Market abuse and insider dealings are other forms of major domestic and international financial crime. These are crimes that get committed by individuals and companies by using market-sensitive information to gain an unfair advantage in the financial market. Financial crime intelligence units have cracked down on inside trading and rigged markets with the aid of financial crime services.

Financial crime law in Thailand has been getting more stringent, with more provisions for the victims of cyber crimes, financial fraud, bribery and corruption, and many white-collar crimes. A financial crimes attorney is essential if you have been the victim of a criminal offence or have been wrongly implicated in any financial crime cases. ViZe Counselor has a financial crime lawyer, Thailand-based and English -speaking who can counsel you on your particular requirements.

Speak To Our Team of Thailand Economic Crime Lawyers and Financial Crime Investigators in Bangkok Today!

The financial crime law in Thailand can often be a quagmire for those facing a potential legal case in the Kingdom. It can be an exasperating process, but with the help and assistance of financial crime services in Thailand, the proceeding case is less daunting, and the final judgement is more likely to be favourable. If you require the aid of a financial crimes investigator or an expert in Thailand’s financial criminal law, contact the team at ViZe Counselor today and request a free consultation with an economic crime lawyer at the country’s top financial crime law firm.

Thailand Financial Crime Lawyer FAQs

A white-collar financial criminal offence could be an act of financial fraud, money laundering, bribery and corruption, or a financial cybercrime. Economic offences in the Kingdom of Thailand can take on many forms. We highly recommend contacting a financial crime law firm if you require information on a specific economic crime.

One of Thailand’s most common forms of financial crime is employee fraud—almost 80% of reported incidents involved economic crimes being perpetrated internally. Financial crime services are commonly appointed to conduct investigations for clients who are the victims of fraud.

Section 5 of the Anti-Money Laundering Act states that an offender found guilty of the offence can face imprisonment to a maximum of 10 years and up to a 200,000 baht fine. Money laundering is a common economic crime in Thailand, and the authorities are clamping down heavily. Money laundering often leads back to drug trafficking and various other forms of criminal activity that a financial crimes investigator will uncover.

We have a team of English-speaking economic crime lawyers available to assist you. We provide clients with a free consultation at our Bangkok financial crime law firm so that they can discuss their cases and determine whether they require legal representation in the form of a financial crimes attorney.