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Thai Visa Service and Immigration Lawyer Bangkok

Thailand attracts droves of applications for Thai visas from people worldwide, being among the important commercial hubs in Asia and with the vibrant lifestyle, it is known for. To keep up with the demand for immigration and visa services, Vize has formed a professional, goal-driven team of immigration lawyers to help out with visa applications. Here at Vize, each immigration attorney is ready to address all your Visa concerns and ensure a smooth process. Be among our many successful Thai visa applicants and find out why we are the go-to Thailand visa agent in Bangkok. Call Vize today for the best immigration lawyer Bangkok offers.

Looking for an Immigration Attorney? We are the Number One English Speaking Thai Visa Service Bangkok Expats Trust

Do you need an immigration attorney to help with your Visa application? Look no further. Our Visa agency Bangkok operation has the most dedicated immigration lawyers in the country. As the Visa service Thailand trusts, our comprehensive Thailand Visa services include legal support from top immigration lawyers. Conveniently located in Bangkok, near many international businesses that expats frequent, our English speaking immigration solicitors will help you every step of the way. Our Thailand visa agents will expedite the application process by providing valuable immigration advice helping avoid potential issues. We consider ourselves the best immigration lawyer Thailand offers, backed by English-speaking staff who make sure nothing gets lost in translation.

ViZe Counselor Offers a Wide Array of Thailand Immigration Visa Services

For foreign nationalities, a visa application can be a time-consuming and challenging process. With a team of highly experienced Thailand Visa agents, Vize Counselor can help make this a painless experience; you can have your Visa processed quickly! Here are the immigration visa services we offer:











Vize Counselor provides immigration and visa services trusted throughout the capital and the rest of Thailand. If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, Thailand expats are happy to recommend, then look no further than Vize. You don’t need to worry about any paperwork getting lost or delayed while we take care of everything else at hand quickly without wasting time waiting in line as other immigration visa services so often do. Vize is a top-rated Thai visa service Bangkok trusts for good reason. With years of experience in Thailand visa services and quick turnaround times, our Thai Visa process is easy as can be! Through our immigration lawyer consultation, we make sure that each client is provided with the tailored services that best suit their needs. Our dedicated immigration lawyers will ensure you will have a clear legal pathway to living or working in Thailand. Contact Vize now. Our immigration attorneys have the answers to all your Thai Visa questions, needs and requirements.

Our Immigration Law Firm is the Go-To Chinese and English Speaking Thai Visa Agent Bangkok Clients Trust

To enter and stay in Thailand, most foreigners must have a Visa. It’s also essential to have the correct documents, and visitors often have these translated into Thai. Immigration authorities require that translations be notarised and registered with their office for them to validate your stay, a process made simpler through a Thailand Visa agent and, of course, with the guidance of an immigration attorney. Here at Vize, our top immigration lawyers ensure every applicant has been carefully evaluated and the documents thoroughly reviewed before delivering the best Visa service Thailand has. With our years of experience as an immigration law firm and at the same time a Visa agency Bangkok trusts, we have been helping people from every corner of the globe secure Thailand Visas. Rest assured, our immigration attorneys will ensure your Visa application will be a success. Feel free to inquire about Vize’s Thailand Visa services.

Need a Thailand Business, Retirement, Marriage or an Education Visa? Our Team of Immigration Solicitors Are Here To Help

There are many reasons to make Thailand your next stop or your next home, from affordable living costs to countless business or professional opportunities. Vize can help make this a reality with our team of immigration attorneys providing you with the best possible visa options and unrivalled assistance for your Visa application. Short-term visa extensions can usually be granted for tourist and non-immigrant Thai Visas by the nearest Royal Thai Embassy. If you’re looking to extend your stay in Thailand on marriage, business or retirement grounds, or even for education. In that case, our immigration lawyers have a vast amount of experience and knowledge of work in this area. For efficient and hassle-free Visa service in Thailand, Contact us to learn more about our Thailand Visa services.

Arrange a Bangkok Immigration Lawyer Consultation Today and Find Out More About Our Thai Visa Assistance Services

Vize offers comprehensive legal services, including immigration and Visa services. Through our experience in Visa assistance services, we have helped people worldwide in their Visa applications. With our top immigration lawyers, Vize is the Thai Visa agent Bangkok trusts to offer fast Thailand Visa services. Each of our immigration attorneys is an expert in the Thai legal system and related approved foreign business opportunities. Vize is the go to immigration lawyer in Thailand when looking for advice on which Visa is best suited to your needs.


The country offers a variety of long-term Thai Visas for those who want more than just to be tourists; our Thailand visa services can turn around applications quickly. Being a top Visa agency in Bangkok, the team at ViZe is highly confident in our immigration Visa services and our ability to achieve successful visa application outcomes for our clients. ViZe is happy to provide Visa assistance services, and our experienced immigration attorneys will work their utmost for your application process. We also specialise in visa applications for foreigners who want to extend their Retirement Visas or Marriage Visas and visa applications for Permanent Residency. We also have experience with the Four-Year SMART Visa. This new Visa type is used to attract highly skilled people and investors, among others, in specific industries. For those who have been living, working and investing in Thailand for a while. It is time to take advantage of the many available visa options with the help of a Thai Visa service Bangkok immigration lawyers recognise as among the best.
Thailand has one of the most stringent immigration policies in Asia. It requires an experienced immigration attorney to help you navigate complex laws, which can be tricky for foreigners filing Visa applications without legal representation. Thai Visa options can be confusing for foreigners who want to enter Thailand. When applying for a Thai Visa, you need the most reliable immigration lawyer Thailand can provide with many years of experience. The Immigration lawyers at ViZe are highly experienced and considered the Visa agency Thailand trusts the most, offering the best assistance in the country’s visa application process. You may be surprised by how much relief having just one qualified professional from our Thai Visa service working behind the scenes could give you. Without an immigration attorney, you might inadvertently violate laws by simply failing to include what can seem like minute details, resulting in fines, imprisonment or being banned from entering Thailand entirely. Of course, you can search online for ‘Thai immigration lawyer near me’ and speak to our competitors, or you can come straight to ViZe and let us handle everything for you, speeding up your Visa application within reasonable immigration lawyer cost.
There are no fixed rates when it comes to an immigration lawyer cost, and the visa type usually determines the rates plus the immigration law firm fees. It’s important to discuss the details of the visa service with your immigration lawyers before proceeding. Immigration lawyers in Thailand usually charge either a flat fee or an hourly rate depending on the service. For more information relating to costs for individual visas or other services, please contact ViZe, the top Visa agency Thailand expats highly recommend.
Put simply, the best way to find a reliable Thailand Visa agent whose staff speak perfect English is to contact ViZe Counselor. We offer a reputable Thai Visa service and have a team of outstanding brilliant immigration lawyers at your disposal (all of which speak perfect English). We offer comprehensive Visa services in Thailand, and through our highly qualified professionals, we have helped countless clients with prompt visa application approvals. Contact us now. We will be happy to provide you with all the details you need, including our rates for your chosen visa application. Visas aren’t always easy, but ViZe and our team of immigration attorneys can help make the whole process a walk in the park.