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TAT License Lawyer for Tourism Business Licenses in Thailand

With the number of tourists visiting the kingdom of Thailand each year, it’s no surprise that at Vize Counselor, we see a considerable demand for a TAT license. Thailand offers vast opportunities in the tourism sector, and our TAT license lawyers have the experience and knowledge of licencing law to undertake the TAT  license application process on your behalf. Whether a small enterprise or a more significant tourism business, license application and approval are essential. Several requirements must be met when applying for a TAT tourism license in Thailand, so Vize Counselor are here to assist you and put together your application, making applying for and gaining your tourism license simple and stress-free.

Tourism Laws in Thailand and How the TAT Tourism License Works

TAT (Thailand tourism authority) define a tourism business in Thailand as a business that offers tourists services such as tour guides and sightseeing tours. The business operator must be in direct contact with a tourist, not through an agent, to be a tourism business and require a TAT license. Any company with direct contact with tourists will require a TAT tourism license, although this does not include such services as mini bus transportation or hotel or restaurant reservations. Our committed and highly experienced team of lawyers at Vize Counselor can guide you through the process of the task communicating with TAT in Thailand.

How to Apply for a TAT License in Thailand? Speak to the Vize Counselor TAT License Lawyers Today!

At Vize Counselor, our expert team of TAT license lawyers will assist you in gaining your TAT tourism business license and allow your tourism business to start trading as soon as possible. Our expertise and experience in the application process will take the stress and worry out of the paperwork and ensure it’s done right the first time.

Whether you need to form a Limited Company before applying for a tour guide license in Thailand, or just the application for a TAT license itself, speak with our expert lawyers at Vize Counselor today, and we’ll be happy to start your application.

TAT License Application Requirements in Thailand

To operate a tourism-based business here in the kingdom, your business is legally required to hold a TAT tourism license. In Thailand, the governing law, in this case, is the Tourism Business Guide Act B.E.2535 (1992).

The application requirements for a TAT in Thailand are extensive. They require attention to detail before any TAT license application form is submitted to the Tourism Business and Guide Register Office (TBGR).

Once your business has acquired a TAT tourism license in Thailand, you’ll be ready to conduct business in the kingdom.

Tour Business

Tourist Accommodation Business

Restaurants, Service Places, and Resorts For Tourists

Sale of Souvenirs or Other Goods for Tourists

Sports for Tourists

Exhibitions Shows, Trade Fairs and Promotional Advertising for Tourism

Before applying for your Thailand travel agency licence or Thailand tour company licence it’s advisable to set up a juristic entity such as a Thai Limited Company to act professionally and limit your liability. It is a process that our expert business registration lawyers can take care of in a timely and efficient manner. 

Another essential factor for your tour guide license in Thailand application is that you will need to hold adequate insurance. The TBGR will require you to carry a ‘Tourist and Guide’ policy that would cover your customers in the event of an accident or injury. 

The TBGR will also ask you to prove your credibility through a police check if you are the managing director of the Limited Company. Or by having two licensed tourism business operators complete part of your TAT license application form and certifying your credibility.

All applications for a TAT tourism license in Thailand then need to be submitted to a TBGR branch that has jurisdiction over the location of your business.

Let our team of experienced lawyers at Vize Counselor take the weight off of your shoulders and handle the process of applying for your TAT tourism license, making it stress-free and simple for you and your business.

Contact the Vize Counselor TAT License Lawyers Today for Straightforward Thailand Tourism Business License Advice.

Our team of TAT license lawyers are here to help make the process of applying for a tourism business license simple and straightforward. With our knowledge and expertise from years of successful Thailand tour company license applications and many happy clients, we are here to advise you and guide you from start to finish. Take any uncertainty out of applying for your TAT tourism license in Thailand by calling Vize Counselor.

TAT Tourism License in Thailand FAQs

TAT stands for Tourism Authority of Thailand, and the Tourist Business and Guide Act regulate travel and tour guide businesses. Any company looking to engage in the tourist business must apply for a TAT tourism license in Thailand with the TBGR (Tourist Business and Guide Registration Office). No company in the kingdom should conduct any tourist-related business until a  tourism business license is granted.

Applying for and obtaining a Thailand tour company license involves more than simply filling out a TAT license application form. You may need to form a Thai Limited company before applying for a tourism business license. There is also the process of proving credibility and securing adequate ‘Tourist and Guide’ insurance before getting approved for a TAT license. Thailand price for a TAT travel license also varies from a government fee of 300 THB with 50,000 THB of security for a domestic TAT in Thailand to a 500 THB government fee and 200,000 THB for an inbound TAT tourism license.

Once you have procured your company premises and employees, you’ll be ready to register your tourism business with the TGBR. You’ll need to complete a TAT license application form and provide the TGBR with all the correct paperwork and a security bond of between 50,000 and 200.000 THB before the Thailand tour company license can be issued and your business is registered.

The TAT (Tourist Authority of Thailand) is the state enterprise responsible for promoting Thailand’s tourism. One of their tasks is issuing a TAT tourism license to businesses in the tourism industry. It could be a large multi-regional Thailand travel agency licence or a small independent tour guide license that is needed. Still, the TAT is responsible for issuing each tourism business license.