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Overstay Visa Thailand Law Firm: Visa Overstay Lawyers Bangkok

Have you overstayed your visa in Thailand by more than 90 days? Are you staring down the barrel of a ban from re-entering Thailand? Thai visa overstay rules are no-nonsense and can have severe and long-lasting consequences. A Thai visa overstay penalty can range from as little as 500 baht for a 1-day overstay in Thailand to a 10-year ban for an overstay of more than 5-years. If you face the Kingdom’s dreaded immigration blacklist in Thailand, you’ll need help and assistance from the best visa overstay law firm in Bangkok, which has the finest overstay visa attorney.

Experiencing Overstay Visa Issues in Thailand? Our Visa Overstay Lawyers in Bangkok Can Help!

The ViZe Counselor Bangkok visa overstay lawyers are adept and well-practised at helping clients experiencing a range of Thai immigration issues. Punishment can vary depending on the length of your overstay in Thailand and if you are caught overstaying by the authorities or hand yourself in. Appointing an English-speaking overstay visa solicitor can be profound in understanding the country’s overstay rules in Thailand. Known for having strict immigration laws and not taking kindly to immigrants overstaying visas, you could be required to pay the fine, leave the country and be banned from entering Thailand, making the services of a Thai overstay visa lawyer paramount.

ViZe Counselor Is the Thailand Overstay Law Firm You Can Count On!

Overstaying your visa can see you to pay an overstay fine at the airport or immigration office to a lengthy ban from Thailand and a considerable fine and even detention. If you find yourself coming unstuck with a Thailand overstay fine and wish to stay in Thailand, you’ll need the best visa overstay lawyers in Bangkok. Thai overstay visa lawyers at ViZe Counselor can help you navigate an overstay penalty in Thailand. As the #1 visa overstay law firm in Bangkok, we have represented hundreds of clients through the years with our first-rate Thailand overstay lawyers, and you can count on us to get you the result you need.

Overstay Visa Due to Medical Reasons? Let Our Thai Overstay Visa Lawyers Find the Best Solution!

Many foreigners arrive in Thailand on vacation and spend a week or two soaking up some sun on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Unfortunately, some tourists end up in hospitals needing medical treatment due to injury or illness. It can often delay their departure home by a few days, and they will pay a Thailand visa overstay fine. Sometimes, when you overstay visa due to medical reasons for more extended periods, the overstay can lead to serious legal issues and mean you cannot leave the country. If you break overstay tourist visa rules and require help, a Thailand overstay lawyer from ViZe Counselor will find the optimum solution to solve overstaying in Thailand.

How Does Visa Overstay Law and Visa Overstay Fines Work in Thailand?

You need to be aware that whether it is by one day or one year, it is illegal to overstay in Thailand. New rules were recently introduced, making punishments harsher if you overstay in Thailand for any length of time. If you overstay your visa in Thailand, immigration services can penalise you with anything from a Thai overstay fine to detention, deportation, and being banned from entering Thailand in the future. Being blacklisted from Thailand is best avoided, but if you have overstayed, this information should help you understand the consequences better.

Overstay of fewer than 90 Days = 500 THB fine (maximum 20,000 HB)

Overstay of more than 90 Days = 1-year ban from Thailand and a 20,000 THB fine

Overstay of more than 1 Year = 3 years ban from Thailand and a 20,000 THB fine

Overstay of more than 3 Years = 5 years ban from Thailand and a 20,000 THB fine

Overstay of more than 5 Years = 10 years ban from Thailand and a 20,000 THB fine


You must pay the Thai overstay fine if you overstay Thailand visa dates. If you have overstayed for fewer than 90 days, you will pay an overstay fine of 500 baht per day up to a maximum of 20,000 baht if you surrender to immigration services at the airport when leaving the country. By contrast, if you are caught breaking overstay rules in Thailand by the authorities between 1 day and 1-year, you are liable for a fine of 500-20,000 baht and can be banned from entering Thailand for 5-years.

Once you start overstaying in Thailand beyond 90-days, you risk more severe sanctions, making applying for a visa after overstaying exponentially complicated. Overstaying your visa for more than 90-days in Thailand for any reason will bring about a 1-year ban from the country and a fine of 20,000 baht. Overstay more than 1-year, and the overstay penalty in Thailand is a 20,000 baht fine and a 3-year ban. Overstay more than 3-years, and you can expect the same 20,000 baht fine and a 5-year exclusion. If you overstay your visa by 5-years, you’ll pay a fine of 20,000 baht and be barred from re-entering Thailand for a decade.

Depending upon what nation you are from and what visa you enter the country on, overstay rules in Thailand are there for a reason. Overstaying student visa, retirement visa, business visa, or marriage visa dates has severe ramifications, and you’ll need a Thailand overstay lawyer. An overstay visa attorney from ViZe Counselor will look at your case and may be able to prevent you from being blacklisted after overstay conditions have been breached. Immigrants overstaying visas is a common issue, and our Thailand overstay law firm is highly experienced at successfully representing clients from across the globe.

Need Urgent Thailand Overstay Visa Assistance? Call Our Bangkok Visa Overstay Lawyers Today!

If you have an issue with overstaying in Thailand and need advice and assistance from a Thai overstay visa lawyer, ViZe Counselor in Bangkok is the Thailand overstay law firm to choose. Maybe you feel you have been accused wrongly of breaking Thai immigration rules, wish to apply for a waiver for overstaying visa dates in the past, or are thinking of applying for a visa after overstaying in the Kingdom before. For urgent assistance with the overstay rules in Thailand or issues with a Thailand visa overstay fine, contact a ViZe Thailand overstay lawyer today and get the help you need!

Thailand Overstay Law Firm FAQs

The answer will depend mainly on how long you overstay in Thailand. If you have overstayed in the Kingdom for less than 90-days, you must pay a fine of 500 baht per day with a maximum penalty of 20,00 baht. If you overstay visa in Thailand rules by more than 90-days, depending on the length of the overstay, you will be banned from re-entering Thailand for between 1-10-years. If you have overstayed the visa expiration date you were given, contact an overstay visa solicitor at ViZe Counselor as soon as possible, who can help you deal with Thai immigration. If you get caught by the authorities before surrendering to the immigration department, you could face far harsher penalties, including incarceration.

If you have been in Thailand for some time and have overstayed your visa expiration date, there are a few ways it can be dealt with. You may be asked to pay the overstay fine of 500 baht daily for the days you have overstayed. A 1-day overstay in Thailand is nothing to worry about as this is a regular occurrence with people’s travel plans changing because of delayed and cancelled flights. The Thai visa overstay penalty system gets much firmer after 90-days, and you will need the assistance of an overstay visa attorney to avoid detention and possibly being blacklisted from Thailand.

Immigrants overstaying visas is nothing new, and most get blacklisted from Thailand for overstaying more than 90-days past the expiration date of their visa that allowed them to come to Thailand. Getting detained or blacklisted after overstay conditions are broken is never good. Thailand overstay lawyers are vital for communicating with the immigration authorities and applying for a waiver for overstaying visa dates.

The best and most simple way of avoiding being fined by immigration is always to follow Thailand’s immigration policies regarding visa’s and ensure you stay within the law. There are, however, circumstances where you stay for more than you were allowed, and the immigration officer at the airport will impose a Thailand overstay fine. If you are in a situation where you feel you are being wronged or unable to pay, contact the ViZe Counselor Bangkok visa overstay lawyers, who would gladly advise and help you.