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Thailand Hotel License and Hotel Business Registration Lawyers Bangkok

Thailand is a very popular travel destination, so it’s only natural that many people are interested in a Thailand hotel license. If you are interested in operating a short term rental business then you will be required to obtain a hotel license. Thailand has many laws surrounding this type of business and there will be many permissions, documents and steps in the process of obtaining hotel licenses and permits. Vize Counselor are your experts in hotel business registration and you can rely on our years of experience to make sure you understand the process. Acquiring a hotel licence is a lot of work as well as very time consuming, if any of the documents are even slightly incorrect upon submission, your hotel licence cost will go up. Let our talented staff help you in starting a hotel business here in the Kingdom of Thailand.

What is a Thailand Hotel Business Licence?

A Thailand hotel business licence is the credential necessary to operate any property or building for the purposes of short term rental with the exception of Type 0 designation. In order to acquire a hotel registration certificate, you will have to navigate the painstaking, time-consuming process of gathering your permissions, filling out a large amount of paperwork and attending several meetings. At Vize Counselor we have experienced Thailand hotel registration lawyers that understand the ins and outs of the process. Having us by your side will ensure that your paperwork, documents and permissions are in order to save you valuable time and money. You can count on our team when it comes to acquiring your hotel business license in a timely and effective fashion.

Types of Business Hotel Licences Available in Thailand

In Thailand, hotel licenses and permits are separated into 5 groups. The size and scope of your proposed operation will decide what type of Thailand hotel license you will need in order to do business legally. For instance, a small hotel license or hostel licence with no restaurant or entertainment venues will fall under a different type than a larger operation that does. Understanding which type your new business will fall under will certainly help you with obtaining hotel licensing. Below is a list of hotel licenses for your information.


Exempted from requirements. Including no need to have a hotel licence.


Accommodation only. Number of rooms does not exceed 50; the size of each room is not less than 8 square meters.


Accommodation, catering or restaurant services, the size of each room is not less than 8 square meters.


Accommodation, catering or restaurant services, the size of each room is not less than 14 square meters.


Accommodation, catering or restaurant services, conference rooms, and entertainment venues.

Once you know which type of hotel business permit your business will fall under, then it is time to move on to gathering your permissions. There are several factors that will be considered while you prepare and apply for your hotel license. Thailand values its communities and will want to ensure that your new business will not become a nuisance to the public. You must take into consideration the effect your new business will have upon your neighbours, traffic, temples and schools. Vize Counselor is the premier Thai hotel license lawyer with years of experience in helping our clients to obtain their hotel business permits. Don’t get caught up in the lengthy and expensive process of acquiring your Thailand hotel license only to have to start again because you are unable to get the proper permissions. We will be there to help make sure you choose the proper placement for your new business before you apply for your guesthouse license. Once everything is in order with your permissions we will aid you in the process of filling out the considerable amount of paperwork associated with your hotel business permit.

Thailand Hotel Licence Fees and Documents Required

Thailand is one of the world’s greatest tourist hotspots both internationally and domestically. Many people dream of coming to the Kingdom and opening a hotel, hostel or guesthouse to harness its considerable popularity among tourists worldwide. In order to operate a short term rental, you will first be required to apply for and receive a hotel license. Thailand has hotel licensing broken down into various types. Depending on the type of hotel you want to open, the costs and documents associated with getting your Thailand hotel license will vary. Our hotel business license lawyers are second to none and you can trust us to help you navigate the process of acquiring your hotel licenses and permits.

Need Help? Contact Our Expert Hotel Business License Lawyers Today!

The Kingdom of Thailand welcomes entrepreneurs of all types as long as they follow the law and have the right permissions in order. Hotel licenses and permits are certainly obtainable however the process is long and can be confusing to those who do not speak the Thai language. Vize Counselor has the perfect Thailand hotel registration lawyer for you that has the experience necessary to get things moving more quickly. Let us be your guide through the procedure of applying for your Thailand hotel license. The process of obtaining your hotel licence will be much easier and fluid with us by your side. Don’t wait, call us today for your consultation regarding your hotel business registration!

Thailand Hotel Licence FAQs

In Thailand, hotel licenses and permits are split into several types. These types encompass the intended size and scope of your proposed hotel operation. Depending on what type your operation is designated, there will be different requirements to obtain your Thailand hotel license. For example, starting a hotel business that also includes a restaurant, shops and entertainment venues will require different permissions than a hotel without these additions. The process of applying for a hotel licence is cumbersome and requires a lot of time, steps and effort. If you do not speak the Thai language fluently it is recommended to enlist the services of a Thailand hotel registration lawyer to help guide you through your application.
If you are planning on starting a hotel business in Thailand, you will need to first consider the permissions necessary to obtain a hotel license. Thailand is a peaceful country that heavily values its various communities. So you must take into consideration the effects your new business will have in your selected location. Also of note, not all hotel licenses and permits are the same. Depending on the scale of your proposed hotel operation there may be further permissions and paperwork. This may seem daunting, but an experienced Thai hotel license lawyer can aid you through it step by step and make sure there are no issues along the way to obtaining your Thailand hotel licence.
The costs associated with obtaining a Thailand hotel license will vary based on a number of factors. If you are starting a hotel business with the intention of obtaining a small hotel license or hostel licence the cost will be different to someone wanting to operate a hotel that also has onsite entertainment and restaurants. The room size of your intended accommodation will also play a role in the time and cost involved with getting your hotel license. Thailand is the land of smiles and also the land of process and paperwork. Making small errors in your paperwork and documentation can be costly. If you want to ensure everything is done right, there are Thailand hotel registration lawyers that have vast experience in helping clients acquire a hotel license.
When registering for your hotel you will have to consider a number of factors. For instance, if you are starting a hotel business from the ground up and are planning to build your hotel, you will first need to acquire a building permit. The size and number of rooms will affect the type your proposed project will fall under in order to obtain a Thailand hotel license. There will be multiple levels of administration overseeing your application and the process can take a very long time if there are mistakes in your initial application or if your permissions are not in order. Since the majority of this process will be in the Thai language, it is recommended to hire a Thailand hotel registration lawyer if you are not fluent in Thai.