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Thailand Personal Bankruptcy Lawyers and Business Bankruptcy Attorneys in Bangkok

As one of Bangkok’s leading bankruptcy law firms, ViZe Counselor is very well established and accustomed to accepting the role of representing the creditor or a debtor in the bankruptcy court. A bankruptcy action in Thailand is a serious matter, and you must seek professional bankruptcy advice from a legal team that possesses an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the Thailand bankruptcy act in pursuance of the most convenient outcome and assuage any potential damage. Our Bangkok-based team of bankruptcy lawyers is dedicated to the law in Thailand and seeing each case reach its rightful conclusion in Central Bankruptcy Court.

Need Help with Bankruptcy in Thailand? The Vize Counselor Team of Thai Bankruptcy Lawyers Is Here to Help!

Navigating Thai bankruptcy law can be intimidating, frustrating, and highly stressful. Having your personal bankruptcy lawyer help advise you on applicable legal measures and guide you through the process of the Central Bankruptcy Court in Thailand can be worth its weight in gold. A ViZe Counselor bankruptcy solicitor will ensure that you understand the technicalities of the bankruptcy act of Thailand and how you could be affected as the creditor or the debtor. To safeguard yourself through the legal process of insolvency, speak with a distinguished Bangkok bankruptcy attorney and get the necessary lawful recommendation to protect yourself or your business.

Need Legal Representation at the Central Bankruptcy Court of Thailand?

All cases of insolvency in the kingdom, whether they are criminal or civil, are dealt with through the Central Bankruptcy Court in Thailand. Besides bankruptcy law in Thailand being a complicated and sensitive subject, the Thai bankruptcy court can be an intimidating setting for those either attending the court as a debtor or a creditor. Obtaining the legal services of an experienced Bangkok-based personal or business bankruptcy attorney to represent you in a bankruptcy case ensures that you are fully prepared for the process that awaits you as you head into Central Bankruptcy Court in Thailand.

Dealing with Bankruptcy in Thailand Doesn't Need to be a Nightmare with Vize Counselor's Bankruptcy Lawyer Team in Your Corner

Anyone who has owed money or had money owed to them knows that the situation can be exasperating. When you magnify that, and an individual heads down the route of bankruptcy and restructuring a business or lifestyle, having a top-class business bankruptcy lawyer to represent you in a case can take the weight of the world off your shoulders. A ViZe Counselor Bangkok bankruptcy lawyer will vigorously represent you and discard the burden you’re under by guiding you through the entire legal procedure of insolvency through the Central Bankruptcy Court in Thailand. The best bankruptcy lawyer team in Thailand is at ViZe, and you can get your free consultation today!

How Does the Bankruptcy Act in Thailand Work?

When bankruptcy action is taken, the creditors or the debtor are entitled to be represented by a bankruptcy lawyer in Thailand to protect their rights and interests during a hearing in the Central Bankruptcy Court in Thailand.

Bankruptcy is the legal distinction applied to a corporate entity or an individual that the central Thailand bankruptcy court will give when debtors are deemed unable to repay and atone for any outstanding debt. If it is proven that the debtor is insolvent, it is possible to file a bankruptcy case and submit it to the Thai bankruptcy court. The debtor’s assets can be appropriated among the creditors according to the bankruptcy act of Thailand.

Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling

Filing the Bankruptcy Petition

Automatic Stay

Creditor’s Meeting

Debtor Education Course

Notice of Discharge

The Thailand Bankruptcy Act declares that a bankruptcy action can be triggered by the creditor or the creditors if an individual debtor owes more than one million baht or more than two million baht if the debtor is a juristic person. Before you commence with a bankruptcy filing in Thailand, specific criteria must be met to comply with the Thai Bankruptcy Act. Bankruptcy law firms require that the correct process is followed and nothing gets missed.

This is where a bankruptcy attorney becomes invaluable as commencing a bankruptcy case against the debtor in Thailand is not straightforward. Upon bankruptcy, a plan preparer will be appointed by the Central Bankruptcy Court in Thailand and subsequently announced in the Government Gazette. The planner will be granted three months to prepare a proposal. Thai bankruptcy law requires the plan to be issued to all involved parties, including your bankruptcy attorney in Thailand.

A meeting of the creditor/creditors will be arranged to discuss whether the plan is acceptable. Any of the parties, including any bankruptcy lawyers, can request a revision to the proposed plan by applying to the receiver a minimum of three days before the meeting takes place. ViZe Counselor in Bangkok would gladly discuss any possible case, whether you are a creditor or debtor, and see how a business bankruptcy lawyer can help you navigate bankruptcy law in Thailand.

Make Bankruptcy in Thailand a Stroll in the Park with Vize Counselor's Bankruptcy Solicitors!

ViZe Counselor is the expert Thai bankruptcy law firm that can make the process of bankruptcy smooth sailing for creditors or debtors. The need to have the best bankruptcy lawyer fighting your corner in the Thai Bankruptcy Court can’t be overstated. We offer a free 30-minute consultation where you can get bankruptcy advice from a top bankruptcy attorney in Thailand. We aim to take the pressure off with our fluent English, Chinese, and Thai-speaking bankruptcy solicitors. So, whether you need a personal or business bankruptcy attorney, as a creditor or debtor, our team understands Thai bankruptcy law inside out and can help you starting today!

Thailand Bankruptcy Lawyers FAQs

Insolvency in Thailand is governed by the Bankruptcy Act B.E. 2483 (1940). The act mandates that a judge with special expertise preside over the restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings. Courtroom trials in Thailand are highly complex with many specific conditions needing to be met in order for insolvency, restructuring and bankruptcy processes to take place. If you have any further questions or queries regarding the Thai Bankruptcy Act, then feel free to contact a ViZe Counselor Bangkok bankruptcy attorney for help and advice.

Under the Thailand Bankruptcy Act, a creditor can file a bankruptcy claim against the debtor once an individual creditor is owed 1 million baht, and in the case of a debtor being a juristic person, such as a corporation, the debtor must owe no less than 2 million. A debtor can not apply for bankruptcy themselves, and it is best to get professional advice from a bankruptcy solicitor who has expertise in bankruptcy law in Thailand.

The Bankruptcy Act, Thailand, is quite complicated to navigate, especially if you are a foreign national and don’t speak the Thai language. If you are facing a possible bankruptcy or business restructuring and need help and guidance to get you through the bankruptcy law in Thailand. A ViZe Thailand bankruptcy lawyer will be an essential piece of the puzzle to getting a positive outcome.

As one of Bangkok’s leading bankruptcy law firms, we have physical offices in Bangkok and on the island of Koh Samui. If you require a Thailand bankruptcy lawyer and live outside of these two areas of the kingdom. A ViZe Counselor Bangkok bankruptcy lawyer will gladly look at your case and represent you in the Central Bankruptcy Court in Thailand.

The Thai Bankruptcy Act requires many conditions to be met in order to file bankruptcy against the debtor and business. The Central Bankruptcy Court in Thailand deal with all bankruptcy, insolvency, and restructuring, and an intricate knowledge of Thai bankruptcy law is required. If you wish to file a claim for bankruptcy against a debtor, you need to employ the professional help of a bankruptcy lawyer in Thailand.