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Thailand Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers: Specialist Prenup Contract Attorney in Bangkok

Some people may feel that the talk of separation and divorce before you’ve even completed your nuptials and said: “I do,” erodes the romance of marriage. But understanding and honesty before making a lifetime commitment are fundamental for a successful union. A legally binding pre-marriage agreement that protects the interests of both parties can save time, money, and much heartache should the marriage end in disunion. ViZe Counselor is a team of prenuptial agreements lawyers in Thailand who can help you and your spouse find a well-crafted agreement before marriage that is binding under Thai law.

The Benefits of Drafting A Marriage Prenuptial Agreement In Thailand

Asking your spouse for a pre-marriage agreement contract in Thailand can be nerve-wracking. Still, a prenup in Thailand is designed to protect both parties involved in the union and not only the financially more successful partner. Thai law emphasizes that a prenup agreement is fair to both if the marriage breaks. A ViZe Counselor prenup agreement lawyer can help get your premarital affairs in order. We are the #1 Bangkok-based lawyers for prenup agreements in Thailand. We have the skills and experience to craft your legally binding pre-marriage agreement ready to be filed at Amphur or Khet when you register your marriage.

Expertly Crafted International Prenuptial Agreements Covering Matrimonial Property Laws Outside of Thailand

Ensuring that any pre-marriage agreement is created within the law is extremely important to protect both parties of a dissolving marriage. A ViZe Counselor premarital agreement attorney in Thailand will guide you through creating a legally binding agreement before marriage to ensure you are adequately protected if the marriage breaks down. A highly experienced Bangkok prenuptial agreement solicitor will craft your prenuptial agreement with foreign spouse, including an unalterable understanding covering marital property and assets internationally.

Thai Prenuptial Agreement Before or After Marriage? Either Way, Our Bangkok Prenup Attorney Team Can Help!

You must make a prenuptial agreement in Thailand before any union is made legally binding through marriage. A “prenuptial” agreement after marriage or post-marriage prenup will be void under Thai law if the marriage ends. If you’re planning a wedding ceremony and want to get your financial affairs in order before the big day and require assistance crafting an agreement before marriage to protect you and your partner, a ViZe prenup lawyer will gladly oversee the process. Or, if you have made an agreement after the wedding and need legal assistance, we can provide a Thai premarital agreement lawyer who can help you navigate the separation and potential division of marital assets between you and your ex-spouse.

Speak To Our English Speaking Thai Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers In Bangkok Today!

A Thailand prenuptial contract is something that many couples enter into as they plan for a wedding and a life together. Although international prenups don’t exist, you can have a prenuptial lawyer add international elements that protect property and finances held in another jurisdiction or country in the unfortunate event of the marriage ending or upon death. With many years of experience in marital law, our team of experts is here to assist you with all your pre-marriage legal requirements. We operate out of Bangkok and have multi-lingual English-speaking prenuptial agreements lawyers in Thailand awaiting your call.

Are Marriage Prenuptial Agreements Enforced Under Thai Law?

A prenuptial agreement is a written contract agreed upon and signed by both parties entering a marriage. A prenup in Thailand commonly contains a list of the properties owned and finances, including any debts. It will establish each party’s rights if the marriage ends in divorce. The Thai Civil and Commercial Code governs a Thai prenuptial agreement. Many countries throughout continental Europe, as do the US and Australia, uphold prenups. The UK, however, does not, making a prenup in Thailand even more relevant.

Identify And Divide Separate And Marital Assets

Identify And Allocate Separate And Marital Debts

Spousal Support Concerns

Special Considerations If You Have Children From A Previous Marriage

Keep Property In The Family

Avoid Arguments In Case Of Divorce.

There is no international prenuptial agreement, although a prenuptial agreement lawyer can add international elements if they understand how the laws work in a specific country. For a Thailand prenuptial agreement to be valid and legal, it must be done in writing, with each party receiving independent legal counsel from a prenuptial lawyer. A Thai prenuptial agreement must be completed before the marriage is made legal because any post-marriage prenup would be void.

Two people must witness a Thailand prenuptial contract before the marriage, and the marriage prenuptial agreement must be registered in the district where the marriage occurs. Also, for a prenup in Thailand to be valid, both parties involved in agreeing must understand the contract’s provisions, the prenuptial agreement must be in English and Thai, and the conditions within the Thai prenuptial agreement must not contradict Thai laws and morals.

A marriage agreement contract in Thailand is something that many couples choose to enter into before their big day to eliminate any confusion or unnecessary and traumatic conflict should the marriage collapse. A ViZe Counselor premarital agreement attorney in Thailand can help to create a legally binding pre-marriage agreement with international elements that protect the interests of both parties entering into a marriage in the Kingdom.

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ViZe Counselor is a long-standing Bangkok-based law firm that has provided foreign citizens residing in Thailand and Thai citizens with the best prenuptial agreement services in the Kingdom. Suppose you’re entering into a lifetime marriage commitment. In that case, we will gladly provide an English-speaking Thai premarital agreement lawyer who can help protect your properties and finances if the marriage collapses. For all the help, advice, and assurance you need, please speak to our expert prenuptial agreements lawyers in Thailand today!

Prenuptial Agreement Thailand FAQs

A Thai prenuptial agreement includes affairs relating to any personal or common property shared by a husband and wife. A prenuptial agreement after marriage will be void, so a Thailand prenuptial must be signed before marriage and then registered in the same district as the marriage. Having an agreement before marriage has become far more common, and a prenup lawyer will assist in crafting an agreement that is legally binding and protects both parties.

If you are seeking to draft a prenuptial agreement in Thailand, both parties must seek independent advice and counsel from a prenuptial agreement lawyer. This may seem strange within some cultures, but having a marriage prenuptial agreement that is independently agreed upon is a fair and just way of finding an acceptable outcome regarding properties and finances. To find an adequately experienced prenup attorney, you might Google search for a prenup lawyer near me? or Thailand lawyers for prenup agreements?.

If you fail to disclose all financial information upon creating a Thailand prenuptial agreement with a prenup attorney, you could face the genuine prospect of your prenup in Thailand being void upon the marriage failing. Both parties must fully disclose all income, assets, and liabilities to ensure that the Thai prenuptial agreement is legally binding and recognized under the Thai Civil and Commercial Code.

You can’t make an international prenuptial agreement, but you can craft a Thailand prenuptial agreement that includes international elements. If you are a foreign citizen residing in Thailand and have properties and financial investments outside of the Kingdom, perhaps in your home country, those factors can be included in a pre-marriage agreement.

The Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand governs a Thai prenuptial agreement procedure. ViZe Counselor will provide a Bangkok prenuptial agreement solicitor who will begin to draft your pre-marriage agreement tailored to your specific requirements. Once completed and authorized, the prenup agreement lawyer will check the authenticity of the document’s signatures, certify the party’s identities, apply oaths and affirmations, attest and certify certain document classes, and then witness the document being signed by both parties.