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International Arbitration Lawyers Thailand and Commercial Arbitration Law Firm Bangkok

ViZe Counselor is a Bangkok-based law firm with vast experience resolving international disputes through arbitration proceedings. We have a team of international arbitration lawyers in Thailand with demonstrable successes in cross-border disputes, including expertise in international arbitration affairs under the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) and the SIAC (Singapore International Arbitration Centre). We are recognized among the best international arbitration law firms in Thailand, whose arbitration solicitors are well-versed in international trade disputes and bringing about dispute resolution. If you require an international arbitration attorney in Bangkok to resolve conflicts, ViZe Counselor is an outstanding choice.

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If you need an international arbitration law firm in Thailand and want to work with a proficient and highly qualified team of commercial arbitration solicitors, ViZe Counselor is just a call away! With far-reaching involvement in both ad hoc and institutional types of arbitration, we strive to provide the highest level of alternative dispute resolution arbitration available in the Kingdom. From a local construction dispute to ICC disputes involving multinational corporations, we are acknowledged as the go-to law firm in Bangkok to resolve international commercial disputes. Experts in commercial contracts, our international arbitration team is waiting for your call today!

From Ad Hoc Arbitration to ADR Arbitration, Our International Arbitration Lawyers Can Guide You to A Satisfactory Resolution!

Resorting to litigation in the commercial and private sectors to resolve property purchases, business contracts, and investment disputes is common in Thailand. Thailand’s already overworked judicial system would prefer a binding arbitration agreement through the Thailand Arbitration Centre. The Thai Civil Procedure Code and Thailand Arbitration Act of 2002 govern arbitration rules lawfully upheld by the Thai court. ViZe Counselor is one of the most highly regarded Bangkok arbitration firms for assisting in ad hoc and ADR arbitration cases. Our arbitrators, with experience in international and domestic arbitration practice, will guide you to a satisfactory long-term resolution.

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Are you involved in cross-border transactions and require counsel in a dispute? Do you need to speak with an arbitration attorney regarding Thailand’s Arbitration Act? Thailand offers many fantastic opportunities for individuals and international companies to invest and do business in the Kingdom. Unfortunately, disagreements happen, and the parties involved look for a way to resolve their issues. The THAC (Thailand Arbitration Centre) is an organization that provides mediation and arbitration services for transborder dispute resolution. The TAI (Thai Arbitration Institute) was formed locally to advocate arbitration proceedings for civil and commercial disputes. We operate with the finest arbitration lawyers in Thailand, who will provide a free consultation to counsel you on the best way to move forward in your particular circumstances.

How Does International Commercial Arbitration Law in Thailand Work?

Over the past few decades, Thailand has seen an enormous inflow of foreign investment, from Import & Export companies and Real Estate businesses to IT and Financial Investment. With the increased investment comes conflict, dispute, and the demand for an effective resolution. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) rules for arbitration came into force in January 2021 to define, regulate, and manage arbitration cases admitted to the International Court of Arbitration. ADR arbitration in Thailand is a favored mechanism to resolve conflict and not over-tax an already heavily burdened Thai judicial system.

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There are two forms of Arbitration in Thailand. Less commonplace is an in-court process of arbitration that occurs while a court case is pending the lower court’s consideration.  All parties involved in the conflict must concur and surrender any issues involved in the dispute to the arbitrators to establish a resolution. Far more prevalent is the method of ADR arbitration that takes place outside of a court and is set by the 2002 Arbitration Act.

Thailand often uses this approach, involving one and sometimes more resolution arbitrators appointed to manage lower-value and less complicated dispute claims. If ad hoc arbitration and ADR arbitration cases are more complex, it’s expected that three arbitrators would be called upon. All parties need to agree on the assignation of the arbitrator(s), or in a situation where the parties can’t find an agreement; they can submit an application to the Thai court.

ViZe Counselor sees clients from lines of business and occupations looking to settle legal disputes through one of the two types of arbitration. We are one of the most experienced Bangkok arbitration firms. We have a performance history of representing clients at the Thailand International Arbitration Centre, among other institutes, and reaching international arbitration agreements. Our attorneys are here to help you through alternative dispute resolution arbitration and reach an agreeable settlement without the need for any court-based litigation.

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Anyone knows that involvement in a legal dispute can be highly stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. Avoiding litigation through the court system is the preferred option, making alternative dispute resolution arbitration an excellent choice for getting a domestic or international commercial dispute resolved. Recognized as one of the leading international arbitration law firms in Thailand, a ViZe Counselor international arbitration attorney in Bangkok who is up-to-date with all major international arbitration rules will represent you through the arbitral procedure and accomplish the resolution and a justified settlement. If you want more information regarding international arbitrations procedural rules, contact an international commercial disputes attorney today!

International Arbitration Attorney Thailand FAQs

The Thailand Arbitration Act of 2002 and the Thai Civil Procedure Code control out-of-court arbitration in Thailand. When you resolve disputes in Thailand through the arbitration process in Thailand, upon conclusion and an award being effected, it is valid in Thai domestic courts. Our international arbitration lawyers in Thailand are experts in international dispute resolution and have worked with clients in other countries in conflict with financial institutions and commercial property enterprises.

For many years now, international arbitration law firms have been involved in cross-border resolutions in an effort to keep conflict away from the court system. International ADR arbitration has been practiced to find binding arbitration rulings and fitting arbitral awards between states or state-owned entities.

If you are dealing with transnational conflict regarding intellectual property, property, or financial investments, finding a resolution that suits all parties is always the preferred option. Litigation proceedings through the court systems can be an extremely long and expensive course of action. As one of the best international arbitration law firms in Thailand, ViZe Counselor has witnessed clients choosing arbitration in Thailand as a more flexible, faster, and cheaper option. As well as the points mentioned above, companies often opt to go through arbitrators as it affords far more privacy than litigation in court.

Thailand has two types of arbitration, the same as many other countries’ legal systems. The Kingdom operates ad hoc and institutional arbitration to resolve disputes. Ad hoc arbitration involves the parties electing the arbitrators and their powers, arbitral rules, and arbitration solicitors. If the parties choose to use institutional arbitration, an institution such as the American Arbitration Association (AAA) or a Thai arbitration centre. If this is the option all parties agree upon, the chosen institution will set the rules that will be legally binding when they conclude proceedings and make an award.

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) sets the rules for arbitration that are used globally. They set out an accepted framework for resolving transborder conflicts, and the rulings are enforceable. If you have any questions or queries regarding international arbitration law, contact a ViZe Counselor international arbitration attorney in Bangkok today for a free consultation.