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Import Alcohol to Thailand with Thailand Alcohol Importers Licence

If you want to open a business involving the import of alcohol in Thailand, you will require a special license for alcohol importation. Alcohol and wine importers in Thailand must adhere to Thai laws that regulate the sale, import, and manufacture of alcoholic beverages in the Kingdom and must have a Thailand alcohol import license. The Liquor Act of 1950 prescribes rules and regulations relating to the import of liquor and its production, distribution, and taxation. The term liquor or spirit is defined as any mixture or material containing alcohol for human consumption, or that would become consumable once mixed with another liquid such as water, soda or juice.

How Does an Alcohol Importers Licence in Thailand work?

Alcoholic beverages are defined in two divisions. Distilled spirits containing more than 15% alcohol by volume such as whiskey, vodka and undistilled spirits containing less than 15% alcohol by volume such as beer and most wines – Thailand alcohol import license regulations differ depending on the type of wine, beer or imported liquor. Though the process of obtaining a liquor import license can be a long and tedious affair, the Vize Counselor alcohol import license lawyers are here to help you as your expert Thai legal advisors and can speed things up for you. Your paperwork will need to be in perfect order, as even the smallest of mistakes can cause a costly delay in the setup of your company and the issuance of the alcohol import license.

Procedure to Import Alcohol into Thailand

The license to import alcohol to Thailand differs from the alcohol license for restaurant businesses and bars. Your paperwork will need to be prepared and submitted to the Thai Excise Department, which will also oversee the taxes you must pay. Call Vize today and start the process of acquiring. Once you have an alcohol import license, Thailand will be the true land of smiles for your business.

What or Who Would Need a License to either Sell or Import Alcohol in Thailand?

Alcohol Import License for Liquor

Alcohol Import License for Wine

Alcohol License for Restaurant

Alcohol License for Bar

Our beautiful country is a magnet for international tourism which means obtaining your liquor or wine import license can be a very lucrative business decision. Thailand also has a large expat population that lives in the Kingdom full time so that you can bring them a taste of home with your business. You will need to be consistently up to date with Thailand customs regulations. We recommend you allow one of our Vize Counselor alcohol import license lawyers to assist you once your company is set up and operating. Our highly experienced Thai alcohol import license lawyers are constantly on top of any changes in Thailand alcohol licensing law, so you can rely on us to keep you updated and informed regarding any changes that may affect you. For more information and if you need an alcohol import license lawyer, you can contact us here.

How Do Import Duties for Alcohol Work in Thailand?

Those companies looking to import alcohol to Thailand will need to adhere to Thailand customs regulations and obtain the appropriate liquor import license from the Thai Excise Department. This department will also be the department where you will take care of your necessary import duties. Import duties will vary depending on factors, including the country of origin for the alcohol import. Thailand has good relations internationally, and several countries receive reduced import duties. Vize Counselor will provide you with an experienced alcohol import lawyer to ensure everything is covered correctly including the alcohol import license cost and paperwork.

Licence for Selling Alcohol in Bar, Restaurant, Shop or Distribution in Thailand

Vize Counselor is also happy to assist you in obtaining your alcohol license for bar-based alcohol sales. There are several licenses associated with the sale of alcohol in Thailand and depending on your business operation. You will be required to obtain one or more of these licenses depending on the type of liquor you want to sell, whether you plan to sell alcohol manufactured in Thailand or outside of Thailand and other factors. If you are planning to sell specialty alcohol that you import yourself, you will also require an alcohol import license along with your alcohol license for restaurant or bar operations. We make the process easy and fast for you. So let us do the work; we will make sure all of your documents and paperwork are perfectly in order.

Contact the ViZe Counselor Lawyers Today for Your Thailand Alcohol Import and Trading Licence Requirements Today

Vize Counselor are your professional and highly experienced alcohol import license lawyers. We are happy to guide you through the process of obtaining your alcohol import license. The cost associated with the process will be transparent and upfront. For instance, If your company wants to import wine to Thailand, the license required and the fee collected will differ from the distilled alcohol import license. Thailand has many alcohol licenses regarding the import and sale of alcohol in the country. We will make sure you get the correct alcohol license associated with your business and its goals whether it involves importing alcoholic beverages into Thailand or obtaining an alcoholic sales license for your Thailand based restaurant and bar establishment.

Thailand Alcohol Importers Licence and Alcohol Trading Licence FAQs

To import alcohol into Thailand, you will need to obtain a specific alcohol license. Thailand has these licenses split into tiers depending on whether the imported alcohol is above 15% ABV or below that concentration. If you plan to import alcohol under 15% ABV, you will only be required to obtain a beer and wine import licence. Thailand customs regulations will differ depending on the amount you are importing, the country of origin and other factors. The license required will also be affected by the amount of alcohol you plan to import at a given time, so planning ahead is recommended. Contracting the services of a professional that specialises in obtaining an alcohol import license in Thailand is recommended to save time and money in the long run. Speak to a Vize Counselor alcohol import lawyer today if you have any further questions about how to legally import alcohol to Thailand.
You must obtain an alcohol import license in Thailand for alcohol importation if you plan to have a business revolving around the trade of alcoholic beverages that do not originate in Thailand that you will be bringing into the country. If you plan to sell alcohol that has already been imported into the Kingdom in a restaurant or bar, you only require an alcohol license for a restaurant based business. Also of note, the license or licenses which are required by the Thailand alcoholic beverage control act will depend on the amount of alcohol you are looking to import and it’s country of origin. It is recommended to obtain the assistance of a Thailand alcohol import lawyer to help you obtain the applicable alcohol license.
The cost associated with obtaining an alcohol license for restaurant based business will vary depending on several factors, including the size and location of your intended operation. For instance, if you plan to open your restaurant or bar in Pattaya or Bangkok, the fees will be different to other areas. Once you have applied for your Thai alcohol license, it is common for an official to come and inspect the premises before issuing the permit. Also, be careful when considering the location, as it is unlikely that you will be given a license if you are too close to a school, temple or hospital. If you plan to import alcohol from abroad directly, you will also require an alcohol importers licence. Thailand customs regulations will apply in this case, and the process is carried out through the Thai Excise Department. There is a lot of paperwork involved, so hiring a professional alcohol import lawyer such as Vize Counselor to help you obtain an alcohol importers licence in Thailand is recommended.