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Thailand Criminal Defense Law Firm: Criminal Lawyers in Bangkok

Criminal law in the Kingdom of Thailand is notoriously confusing and can be challenging and problematic to navigate. These issues are exacerbated if Thai is not your native language and you’ll require the assistance of Thai defence lawyers. ViZe Counselor is the principal criminal law firm where you can appoint the leading criminal defense lawyer in Bangkok to provide any legal advice and defend you in a criminal case you may be facing.

Need Assistance Navigating the Criminal Justice System in Thailand? Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Here To Help!

If you find yourself facing a potential criminal case, it can be an extremely upsetting and stressful process. The Thai criminal law system acknowledges your right to a fair trial, the right to appoint a defense attorney, your right to present witnesses and evidence, and the need to prove guilt “beyond reasonable doubt”. But, without the help of a law firm and criminal defence lawyer, you could quickly find yourself lost, confused, and tied in knots. ViZe Counselor can provide the best defence attorney in Bangkok to provide legal representation in the Thai court system and ensure justice prevails.

Need a Thai Criminal Defence Attorney for An Upcoming Court Case in Thailand?

Suppose you’ve been charged by the police and face an upcoming case in the court system of Thailand. In that case, finding a criminal justice lawyer with experience representing clients in criminal cases and a proven track record working for one of the country’s top criminal law firms is crucial. Thankfully, at ViZe Counselor, our criminal solicitors are here to help!

As a top criminal law firm in Thailand, we operate using the finest criminal litigation team. Each criminal attorney has an extensive background and knowledge of defending those accused of various crimes in the court system of Thailand. Our Thailand criminal court lawyers have an encyclopedic awareness of the law and a history of getting clients the judgements they deserve.

Why Hire the Team of English-Speaking Bangkok Criminal Lawyers at Vize Counselor?

The Thai court system conducts trials in the Thai language, making it extremely difficult for any foreigner to understand what is happening during the proceedings. An English-speaking crime lawyer with in-depth knowledge of affairs and processes can make the difference between winning and losing a criminal case. All the Thailand criminal court lawyers at ViZe are multilingual and have high-level English language proficiency.

From the first point of contact with us and asking for criminal law advice to defending you in a Thai law court, a ViZe Counselor criminal justice attorney will communicate with you in English. Having clear and effective communication with your criminal law attorney will give you an unclouded view of what to expect and what is happening. It will save you a lot of potential further down the line.

How Does the Criminal Justice System in Thailand Work?

As in many western countries, the burden of proof lies with the public prosecutor and a defendant is considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. If the defendant is subsequently found guilty of breaking Thai criminal law, the male or female defendant will be subject to the punishment prescribed under Thai law.

In Thailand, the police conduct criminal investigations. Under usual circumstances, the alleged offender is summoned to a police station where they must give personal details such as their name, age, date of birth, occupation, address, and parent’s names. The alleged offender is not legally required to make a statement, although having a defense lawyer present is advisable.

Investigation Bail Rights of the alleged offender
Rights of the defendant Criminal trial Evidence and court proceedings

The Kingdom also has a bail system for those accused of breaking a criminal law. Thailand allows for an investigating officer or court to grant bail to foreigners. A typical bail bond is either cash, a bankbook showing a deposit large enough to cover the bail amount, or land title deeds. A defence solicitor from the ViZe Counselor criminal law firm in Thailand will post your bail and ensure all paperwork is correctly completed.

The accused offender has the legal right to contact a person of their choosing. ViZe Counselor would recommend appointing a criminal litigation expert from one of the top Bangkok criminal law firms. An alleged offender can privately meet a criminal law attorney and have their defence solicitor present during the investigation. As a foreigner, if you entered Thailand legally and your visa has not expired, the police have no right to retain a passport unless the offence is related to the passport.

Held in a Thai court where a jury system does not exist, having the best criminal lawyer in Thailand is essential during a trial for several reasons. Court hearings are held in Thai, so having an English-speaking criminal justice attorney on your side to present evidence and fight your case will serve you very well. ViZe Counselors are criminal litigation experts with vast experience in defending foreign nationals who fall foul of the Kingdoms criminal law system

Call the Vize Counselor Team of Thailand Criminal Trial Lawyers in Bangkok Today for Urgent Assistance!

So, considering all the potential pitfalls of not having a fluent English-speaking criminal trial lawyer counsel you, we think it’s fair to say that having a ViZe Counselor criminal defense attorney fighting on your side during the criminal trial process is indispensable. It is so important to make the right decision when appointing Bangkok criminal law firms, and we offer the finest team of criminal defense lawyers in the country. If you or a loved one has fallen foul of the criminal law and need the help of the best criminal lawyer in Thailand, contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can represent you.

Thailand Criminal Defense Attorney FAQs

A criminal law firm in Thailand has to appoint a defense attorney who will deal with all litigation proceedings for you. The role of a criminal justice lawyer in Thailand becomes even more critical when the defendant is not a native speaker. If you need a multilingual criminal defense lawyer in Bangkok, contact ViZe Counselor for advice.

There are a couple of basic steps you can take to find the best criminal defence attorney to represent you. Having a defence lawyer that can communicate clearly in English and Thai is going to be an essential requirement so that you understand the process of the Thai court system and what is happening during your trial. Also, when speaking to prospective Bangkok criminal law firms, check their background and ask for case studies similar to yours to ensure they have relevant experience.

ViZe Counselor has been successfully practising as a defense law firm for many years. We’ve victoriously represented clients from many nations in the Thai court system. We have legitimately earned our reputation as the go-to law firm for an experienced defence attorney in Bangkok.

Whether you are a citizen or a foreigner, committing a crime in Thailand is very serious. A conviction for theft carries a maximum penalty of 3 years in a Thai jail and a possible fine of 6000 baht. Penalties can be considered quite harsh here in the Kingdom for various offences, so having a criminal defense attorney is essential.

There are several reasons why the Thai authorities may conduct a criminal record check on a foreign citizen residing in Thailand. This could include during an application for a work permit at a school or other place of work to during a criminal trial for offences committed in the Kingdom. Thai immigration does not do criminal record checks of individuals entering the country. Still, if you have any specific reasons to be concerned, you can contact ViZe for criminal law advice.