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Thailand Child Custody Law Firm: Child Custody Lawyers in Bangkok

For many couples, having a child strengthens their bond, and their relationship goes from strength to strength. Unfortunately, it’s a different story for other couples. Relationships end, and at times like these, the health and well-being of any children have to be the number one priority. ViZe Counselor is the leading Bangkok solicitor for child custody cases and an expert in Thailand child custody rights. Our child custody solicitors have the experience and expertise to represent foreign parents in child custody disputes across Thailand in child custody court and to bring about the outcome most beneficial to the child or children involved.

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Most child custody cases emanate from a couple’s marriage breakdown in Thailand. Child custody law in Thailand states that if a couple is unmarried and conceives a child, the mother has the legal right to sole custody upon the couple’s separation. That does not, however, mean that the father has no rights to custody. Under Thailand child custody laws, the father must register as the child’s legitimate father at a local district office with the mother’s consent. The ViZe Counselor Thailand child custody law firm will appoint a child custody lawyer to assist and get the outcome you and your child deserve.

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ViZe Counselor has been at the forefront of Thailand child custody laws for many years if you’re looking for an expert Thai family custody lawyer. As a recognized and well-respected custody lawyer in Bangkok, we have worked on many child custody cases and represented many foreign mothers and fathers in the battles in Thai family court. If you are in the unenviable position of facing a complicated and hostile struggle to gain access to or full custody of your child, you need to best legal advice and support. We have a team of the most experienced Thailand child custody rights lawyers ready to help you to get the result you want in the child custody court.

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If you’re a foreign national residing in Thailand or your home country and need child custody advice concerning a minor living in the Kingdom, a Thai family custody lawyer from our Bangkok office will gladly assist. We can appoint you with an English-speaking child custody attorney who is an expert in family law and the Child Custody Act. The ViZe Counselor custody attorneys have supported many foreign fathers through the legal process of gaining access to and custody of their children. We specialize in child custody law in Thailand and can represent you in your campaign to receive your custodial rights as a father.

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You may be in the position of residing in Thailand as a foreign national and want to gain access to a child you had with a Thai girlfriend. Or, you had a child with a Thai wife or girlfriend and now reside in your home country. Whatever the circumstances are of your case, a ViZe child custody solicitor in Thailand awaits your call. Our child custody solicitors have the required expertise regarding custody laws and child custody rights in Thailand to assist you in your legal battle. To discuss your case with a custody lawyer in Bangkok, call us today!

How Does Child Custody Law In Thailand Work?

Sadly, many married couples will see their relationship end, which results in a divorce. If the divorce is uncontested, the parents are permitted and encouraged to make a mutually agreeable arrangement regarding the child/children’s living situation, financial support, education, and all essential aspects involved in raising them. You do not require child custody solicitors for this process. Resolving child custody issues in this manner is preferable to requiring custody lawyers and fighting it out in a child custody court.

Granting Custody To One Parent

Termination Of Custody Rights Of A Parent

Modifying Custody Orders

Establishing Legal Custody Rights

Child Support

Child Visitation Rights

If a child is born out of wedlock in Thailand, the mother will gain sole custody of the child. Child custody law in Thailand does not recognize a biological father even if his name is on the birth certificate. A father must register a child’s legitimation at their local district office. Only once this is completed can a father use a child custody solicitor in Thailand to enter a joint custody agreement with the child’s mother.

Supposing a married couple undergoes a contested divorce, the presiding judge will decide which parent should be granted custody according to the Child Custody Act. Thailand child custody laws also allow the judge in a contested divorce to place a child with a third-party guardian if it is in the child’s best interests. The judge in child custody cases is also empowered to remove a child from a parent’s custody at the time of the divorce or later if the parent granted custody is incompetent or abuses their parental powers.

Child custody cases can be straightforward, complex, and strained affairs requiring a child custody solicitor. An experienced child custody attorney will be able to explain how the Child Custody Act of Thailand works and how child custody rights in Thailand help protect the child or children after the parents separate. To help you reach the desired result from your custody case, a Bangkok solicitor for child custody at ViZe Counselor can be appointed.

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Assuming you require child custody advice from a Bangkok-based child custody lawyer, ViZe Counselor can provide highly-experienced experts on Thailand child custody rights to guide you through gaining custody within the Thai legal system. An English-speaking Thailand attorney, custody specialist awaits your call to arrange a free consultation where you can discuss your particular case details. Our child custody lawyers have years of involvement in child custody cases involving a foreign parent, and we can help you find the resolution you wish for.

Thailand Child Custody Lawyers FAQs

Thailand child custody law always looks to protect the best interests of the child or children involved. While the child custody court will look to place children with their mother, there are circumstances where the children would be better off with the father or a third-person guardian. Consulting a ViZe Counselor child custody solicitor in Thailand during a free consultation will give you a firm understanding of your rights as a mother or father to children in the Kingdom.

Suppose a married couple decides to get a divorce in Thailand. In that case, the custody laws allow the parents to arrange a mutual agreement regarding the child’s future, assuming the divorce is not contested. If an unmarried couple has a child and decides to separate, Thailand child custody laws grant sole custody to the mother. If the father wishes to apply for custody of the child, he must be registered as the child’s legitimate father before being able to appoint a child custody solicitor in Thailand and preparing a case to go before the child custody court.

Fathers in Thailand are not obligated to pay child maintenance for the upbringing of their children. However, if a father wishes to contribute financially toward his child’s future, both parents can have a Bangkok solicitor for child custody assist them in agreeing to child support payments that must be registered with the district office.

Suppose you search the internet by Googling for a custody attorney near me or child custody lawyers near me? You’ll find multiple law firms offering a Thai family custody lawyer with fixed or low fees. While these may be tempting, you won’t necessarily be getting the best in Thailand child custody law. When it comes to your child’s future, you want to be sure you are appointing the best child custody lawyer from the finest law firm. ViZe Counselor will provide the best custody lawyer in Bangkok to work on your case to ensure ultimate legal representation in the battle for custody. Contact a team member at Bangkok’s #1 law firm and learn what it will cost to hire our custody attorneys.