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Company Registration In Thailand For Foreign Entities Made Easy

Company Registration in Thailand for Foreign or Domestic companies is easier with ViZe Counselor. With ViZe, we provide a ‘done for you’ Thai company registration service when you plan to start a business in Thailand, which means our team will do the hard work. Our Thailand company registration service includes taking out all of the legal jargon so you can sign pre-filled paperwork, ensuring setting up a company in Thailand has never been easier. Our dedicated Thai company registration experts will organise any type of Thailand business registration on your behalf so you can focus on the building blocks to success for your Thai business.

The Various Types of International and Thai Company Registration Vize Covers

To get protection under Thai business law, you need to consider your choice of the business entity type. You’ll be choosing from the types of business ownership, such as being 100% Thai-owned or having a foreign partnership. For domestic or global operations, Thai law protects both options, and there are many types of operating models available for each situation. When it comes to the types of international business, consider whether your activities will focus on domestic or global markets and whether you’ll solely have Thai operations or have global cooperation. With Vize Counselor, the entire process will be simpler and faster no matter what types of business models you plan to build.

Boi Company

Private limited company

Regional office

Regional office HQ

Non-profit foundation

Us Treaty of amity

Representative office

Branch Office

Registering and opening a business in Thailand can be difficult for those unfamiliar with Thai business law, but we will assist you every step along the way! Listed above are the legal entity types you can register your company as. Click on any item to get a more detailed discussion on the business structure of each option. We are highly commended for our work in company registration and business setup. We have every business solution to make your company registration a breeze.

How to Process Company Registration Lawyer In Bangkok & Selecting The Best Option

1. What does a Thai limited company mean?

The Thai Limited Company is the most popular and appealing company formation option for foreigners doing business in Thailand. It’s similar to a limited liability company (LLC) in the United States. Still, it has more flexibility than these other entities because of its many features that are unique only within this type of entity structure available worldwide today.

2. The information needed for Thailand company registration?

Apart from your company name and the type of business, you are expected to list at least three people as initial shareholders. You’ll also have to disclose the amount of capital and submit a Letter of Certification from a bank to verify the adequacy of funds available for your business to use.

3. Action steps for Thailand company registration

ViZe can help you get listed in the Thailand company registry in these simple steps:

1. Name Reservation

To open a business, you have to first reserve your chosen name of the company online with the Department of Business Development of the Ministry of Commerce. Section 1098 of Thailand’s Civil and Commercial Code requires that companies end their names with ‘limited’.

2. Memorandum of Association Filing

Once listed with the Ministry of Commerce, your company has to secure and register its memorandum of association, which contains your company name, the initial shareholders’ names, your company’s address and the company’s finance and business goals. If you want your company to participate in foreign businesses, you need to secure authorisation from the cabinet or get a Foreign Business License.

3. Holding a Statutory Meeting

You are required to hold a statutory meeting, wherein your company will draft its by-laws and articles of incorporation, which will also be submitted, and appoint your board of directors as well as the auditor.

4: Application for Registration

Your application for registration must be filed within 90 days from the date of the statutory meeting. Provided that the Statutory Meeting has been convened, you must have already lodged your company registration on the day the Memorandum of Association is listed at the Ministry of Commerce.

5: Submission of Your Tax ID Cards and Value Added Tax Certificates

After registration with the Ministry of Commerce, you have to obtain your company’s tax ID card and Value Added Tax certificate from the Revenue Department in Bangkok or the province’s Revenue Office, where your office will be located. You have to register for VAT, especially when your new company expects to exceed THB 1.2 million in turnover. Investors who open a company in Thailand are also expected to pay, among others, corporate income tax rate, withholding tax and real property tax. Other necessary documents for the company’s registration must be filed with the Department of Business Development. You should also provide the Central Filing Office of the Revenue Department with these documents.

Company Formation In Thailand Made Easier

Are you expanding your business into Thailand or starting a new one? The best way to do that is through ViZe. We have made the Thai company formation process easier and faster. With our comprehensive company registration services for all Thai legal entity types, you won’t have to get lost in legal jargon to determine the company legal structure types that would best fit the type of company you want in Thailand. You won’t have to spend so much time getting confused about the dizzying process of securing and submitting requirements. ViZe can do it all for you. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an established foreign business, we can help you avoid time-consuming, laborious tasks that come with the registration process. Make the process of registering start-up Thailand companies easier with the help of ViZe.

Setting Up A Company In Thailand Using Vize Counselor’s Company Registration Consultants

ViZe’s company registration lawyer will make it easy for you to set up a business in Thailand and avoid common pitfalls. Our team of professionals has years of experience and knows how complex the legal structure of a business can be. Every company is different, so we work with your specific case and find an adaptable solution that best suits your unique needs. If it’s a business idea or an existing operation that you want to take root in Thailand. In that case, we will advise you on the most appropriate steps to make it happen, including the best options for company registration in Thailand for foreigners.

No matter how complex your company’s legal structure is, we have a solution for you. After discussing all the details, including Thailand company registration requirements, ViZe’s dedicated team would be happy to handle the entire registration process for you, so everything is set up to succeed from day one. Company registration Bangkok by the best company set-up lawyer is that simple and that easy.

How to open company in Thailand FAQs

It costs anywhere from THB 24,000 to THB 180,000 to open a company governed by Thai business law. The level of investment that your company plans to make will play a massive part in determining the cost, along with the type of company you want to set up, what your company intends to do, what benefits you are looking to get, and if there’s foreign involvement in the ownership as well as operations. With the tedious Thai company registration process and the different costs associated with setting up a business in Thailand, company formation can be a challenge for those eager to start doing business.
Without a company registration lawyer by your side, you could end up prolonging the Thai company registry process or, worse, unintentionally breaking the law by failing to correctly choose from the legal entity types, especially when you have one of those complex forms of business ownership. ViZe is your cost-effective solution to all of that. With our comprehensive Thailand business registration service and experience in successfully helping different types of companies getting established, all you have to do is relax and watch the process unfold for your company.
The startup scene in Thailand is thriving with opportunities. The low cost of living makes it easier for different types of companies to start their business with little initial investment. Apart from excellent infrastructure, stable power grid and high-speed internet availability, the government focuses on shifting its economic dependence from the old agriculture-based way of business to sustainable technology-based efforts, creating many ancillary opportunities for every startup company in Thailand.
With policies favouring start-up Thailand company formation, tax exemptions, and visas for foreigners, many venture capitalists and private investors are considering starting a business in Thailand. A local or a foreign company in Thailand that meets the country’s investment opportunities requirements simply gets a lot in return. If you’re planning to start up a business in Thailand for foreigners, ViZe is the Thai company registration consultant to call.
Foreigners can register a Thai business, and there are already different types of international business ventures existing in the country. This means that registration in Thailand for foreign investors can be seamless and fast when you decide to open a company but comes with strict limitations. When setting up a business in Thailand, foreigners cannot own more than 49% of the company. The Thai government tightly regulates a start-up business in Thailand for foreigners, so foreign investors need to be aware of their limitations. One common mistake of a foreign company in Thailand is getting Thai nominee shareholders to hold a 51% share on the foreigner’s behalf. This violates the Foreign Business Act and would be avoided if you hire a business registration company in Thailand.
ViZe is the top Thai company registration consultant that will guide you on how to register company in Thailand and even exceed the 49% ownership limit legally. To do this, ViZe will assist you in obtaining a Foreign Business License, which can be granted if your type of company does not compete with Thai businesses or if you’re setting up a company Thailand could greatly benefit from, such as a company offering unique products/services. Other methods include promotion through the Board of Investment and the Treaty of Amity, which is for US citizens only. When you plan to establish a company, register in accordance with Thai corporate laws, it may sound complicated, but with the help of ViZe, the process of the Thailand company registry will be smooth sailing.
Thai business law has different requirements for company registration in Thailand for foreigners and locals, but they all start with the proper documents to prepare and where to submit them. Those starting a business in Thailand must register their company at the Department of Business Development of the Ministry of Commerce, with offices spread out and located centrally in Bangkok. For a private limited company outside of Bangkok, the required documents must be filed with the Office of Provincial Business Development in the province where the company’s business will be located. For a public limited company, all documents associated with the company’s registration must be submitted to the Department of Business Development of the MOC at the Central Registration Office, Bangkok only, regardless of the company’s location.
Setting up a company in Thailand means you will be faced with ‘how to register a company in Thailand’. It’s essential that you approach a company registration lawyer before you begin the Thai company registration process. Thai company registration consultants will ensure that the information you submit for the Thailand company registry is accurate and meets all requirements. ViZe is a business registration company in Thailand that’s built on trust. We have been a top choice among companies in Thailand for years when it comes to handling the entire company registration process and at the same time helping clients understand how to register a company in Thailand.
Setting up a company in Thailand can require lots of work, starting from registering the company. Still, you can choose the easy, fast and convenient way by going to a business registration company in Thailand like ViZe. Thailand business registration offers many options: BOI Company, Private Limited Company, Regional Office, Regional Office HQ, Non-profit foundation, US Treaty of Amity, Representative Office, and Branch Office. You can handle the registration of the company yourself, or you can seek the help of Thai company registration consultants. We will explain to you all your options so that you don’t have to worry about which one your company belongs to and the benefits you get from the different company legal structure types.
ViZe determines the best legal structure of a business and helps companies sort out the forms of business ownership and the types of business models. Whether you want to start up business in Thailand for foreigners or establish a sole proprietorship, Thailand business registration will be hassle-free with ViZe. The perfect partner to help you navigate through the complicated Thai company registration process, we have all the top-notch lawyers that can provide excellent advice to get you started with setting up a company in Thailand right away. By keeping communication lines open, company formation in Thailand will be easier for you to understand. Trust us to take care of all the compliance requirements that typically take entrepreneurs time away from their actual work. Contact ViZe now, and let’s start building your dream startup company in Thailand.
When setting up a company in Thailand, company formation starts with choosing the type of business organisation to establish. BOI Company, Private Limited Company, Regional Office, Regional Office HQ, Non-profit foundation, US Treaty of Amity, Representative Office, and Branch Office are all types of companies you can register as. If you are to have foreign participation in your start-up business, Thailand requires that the foreigners apply for Visa and work permit. You will then go to the Department of Business Development for your company name reservation, which kick-starts the process of registering a company. Depending on the type and nature of your business, you will need to prepare all necessary documents for the company register. Submit them to the business registration office where your company’s head office is located.
To legally do business in Thailand, you will need to have a minimum of THB2 million, which qualifies you for one work permit. Remember to pay taxes when your start-up Thailand company is already operational. Business owners often shorten this process by going to Thai company registration consultants. Once registered, open a company bank account and pay your capital. You don’t have to do this alone as well. ViZe is a trusted Thai company registration consultant that fully understands how to start a business in Thailand.