How To Start A Cannabis Business In Thailand And Secure A Thai Marijuana Licence

Since Thailand became the first Asian country to make it legal to grow, distribute, and consume cannabis in food and drink on June 9th, 2022, there has been a vast upward growth in the number of dispensaries and other outlets selling weed in Thailand. Starting a cannabis business in Thailand is proving highly popular with both Thai and foreign business owners, but there are laws in place that need adhering to before you can start serving weed-based products or open your cannabis dispensary in Thailand; you’ll need to obtain a license to sell weed and abide by Thailand marijuana laws.

Can Foreigners Participate In Marijuana Startup Businesses in Thailand?

According to the current cannabis law in Thailand, foreigners can participate in certain marijuana-related activities. Although some activities are authorized, many require a weed licence in Thailand and majority ownership by Thai nationals. The weed-related activities that foreign entities may undertake include importing seeds and producing products containing cannabis, such as drinks and edibles. For these activities, Thailand weed law requires you to have a license. For the extraction of cannabis, cultivation, and distribution through a Thailand weed dispensary, the company requires majority Thai ownership and a license. If you want to get involved in a cannabis business startup in Thailand, speak with ViZe lawyers for expert legal advice.

What Cannabis Products Are Now Legal To Sell In Thailand?

Suppose you’re considering starting a cannabis business in Thailand and wondering what weed-based products are legal to sell. In that case, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a variety of cannabis products currently on the market at more than 5000 marijuana stores across Thailand. The use of cannabis edibles is widespread and legal as long as they have no more than 0.2 THC. A Thailand marijuana dispensary will sell pre-rolled joints, CBD oils, and cannabis flowers.

Since the government no longer considered cannabis as a banned narcotic as of June 9th, 2022, many Thai and foreign-owned entities have been involved in producing and distributing cannabis and weed-based products. If you are a marijuana startup business in Thailand, whether it’s a weed farm in Thailand, a dispensary, or a cafe selling cannabis in food and drink, the correct marijuana licence in Thailand is imperative for complying with Thailand weed law.

What Marijuana Related Business Activities Are Now Legal in Thailand?

According to current Thailand marijuana laws, importing cannabis seeds by companies, both Thai and foreign-owned entities, provided the company has a license from the Department of Thai Plant Quarantine. The production of weed-based products such as drinks and edibles legally depends on the correct cannabis licence in Thailand obtained from Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Cannabis extraction is permitted for medical and academic reasons, and the entity must have two-thirds of company shares held by Thai nationals.

As a foreign entity, you should seek advice on how to start growing weed commercially in Thailand. Starting a weed farm in Thailand may be restricted under the Thai Foreign Business Act B.E. 2542 and require a Thai partner and will have to register for cannabis cultivation with the FDA. The distribution of parts of the plant, including leaves, branches, roots, and trunks, is legal under cannabis law in Thailand for Thai entities without a marijuana license in Thailand.

What Are the Various Cannabis Business Licenses Required By The 2022 Thailand Marijuana Laws?

The medical cannabis business in Thailand has, without question, become one of the fastest-growing business sectors since the decriminalization of cannabis in 2022. The Kingdom’s once hardline stance on cannabis has dissolved, and now Thailand has become one of the leading Asian countries in the medical marijuana sector. With a contemporary outlook and cannabis no longer considered a narcotic, making weed legal in Thailand has opened the door for many Thai and foreign entities to reposition themselves and push toward starting a cannabis business in Thailand. As with any topic, there is much information and misinformation regarding the cannabis law in Thailand.

Distribution Of Marijuana Plants 

Importation Of Cannabis Seeds

Distribution Of Cannabis Extracts 

Selling/Distribution Products Containing Marijuana

Growing/Cultivation Of Cannabis Plants 


Thai nationals can legally grow marijuana at home and must register with the FDA using the “Plookganja” application. Though this doesn’t apply when growing for medical purposes or commercial distribution, you must apply for the appropriate weed licence in Thailand for every Thailand marijuana business startup. There is no “one size fits all.” weed licence in Thailand. You’ll need to apply to the appropriate organization, whether you are looking at how to start a weed farm in Thailand, a dispensary, or any business producing or selling products containing cannabis.

A Thailand cannabis dispensary will be subject to the license demands by Section 46 of the Protection and Promotion of Traditional Thai Medicine Wisdom Act due to the marijuana being classed as a controlled herb by the Ministry of Health. If you are considering selling products containing cannabis, such as edibles and drinks, a marijuana licence in Thailand must be obtained from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

For a foreign entity to grow cannabis and distribute it, it will be subject to licensing. To obtain to correct weed licence in Thailand and ensure that your Thailand marijuana business stays legal and above board, you need to take advice from a cannabis licence expert. ViZe Counsellor have been advising clients on how to get marijuana business license in Thailand since the government announced this in June 2022. We can help you apply for the proper license and keep you on the right side of the cannabis law in Thailand.

Interested In Discussing a Thailand Marijuana Business Startup Or Obtaining A Cannabis Licence In Thailand? We Can Help!

If you are interested in understanding how to start growing weed commercially in Thailand or how to get cannabis business license in Thailand, ViZe Counsellor has a team of experienced expert lawyers who specialize in helping people thinking about starting a cannabis business in Thailand. Whether you are founding a marijuana startup business in Thailand or looking a cannabis dispensary investment opportunities, we can provide the most up-to-date legal advice from our Bangkok-based office to ensure you obtain a license that is appropriate and legal for its intended purpose. Contact us today and speak with a cannabis license expert who can help with all your legal needs!

Cannabis Business And Thailand Marijuana Laws FAQs

If you’re wondering, is marijuana legal in Thailand? Thailand was the first Asian country to legalize medicinal cannabis in 2018. In 2022, the FDA removed the cannabis plant from the narcotics list. Growing and selling cannabis-based products is subject to a license to sell weed, and smoking and vaping in public areas is treated as a public nuisance infraction and is subject to punishment under the Public Health Act 2535 BE (1992) with a potential fine of up to 25000 baht and three months imprisonment.

Oils and tinctures containing cannabis in Thailand must not have more than 0.2 of THC. However, Thai weed law has no restrictions on the consumption of parts of the plant as long as weed is smoked in private spaces.

As a foreign entity, you can open a Thailand marijuana dispensary through a Thai Limited Company. For a Thailand cannabis dispensary to cultivate, sell or import weed and to obtain the appropriate marijuana licence in Thailand, 51% of the company shares must be held by Thai nationals.

There are many associated costs with starting a marijuana business in Thailand. The obvious ones are the premises, inventory, utilities, and staffing costs. One cost that often gets overlooked when starting a marijuana business in Thailand is the cost to obtain a license to cultivate or distribute ganja-based products. A license to sell weed plants is 5000 baht, and producing extracts will cost you 50000 baht, and a growing license for a weed farm in Thailand will cost 50000 baht.

If you are wondering how to start a weed farm in Thailand, there are currently no restrictions on the mass cultivation of marijuana plants for Thai-owned entities. If, as a foreigner, you wish to be involved in the cultivation of the cannabis plant and the distribution, you can do so using a Thai Limited Company with a Thai national being a 51% shareholder.

If you are considering starting a cannabis business in Thailand, you’ll want to have the assurance that all legalities are taken care of and that you have no issues further down the line. Under Thai law, you’ll require a license to sell weed as well as cultivate and extract cannabis. To ensure that you get there correct licenses for your business, speak with an experienced ViZe Counsellor lawyer who can advise you and guide you through the process that will allow you to produce and sell cannabis according to the law.

There are currently many fantastic cannabis dispensary investment opportunities throughout Thailand for foreigners. The Kingdom has over 5000 marijuana-based businesses, and the sector is still snowballing in 2023 and is expected to continue beyond.

Since the government made weed legal in Thailand, there have been many fantastic business opportunities for Thai and foreign entities. Selling weed in Thailand through dispensaries in the form of pre-rolled joints, edibles, and oils, to cultivating marijuana on farms. In most cases, starting a cannabis business in Thailand requires a marijuana licence in Thailand.

Foreigners can be involved in all aspects of the cannabis business in Thailand. However, if you want to be involved in the extraction of cannabis, cultivation, and distribution, you’ll need to register as a Thai Limited Company with a majority Thai shareholder. Starting a cannabis business in Thailand can prove very lucrative, subject to getting the correct weed licence.

If you own a weed farm in Thailand, a dispensary, or any other cannabis business, you can export CBD from Thailand if you acquire an export license. If the production of your CBD edibles and oils leads to a high-quality product that contains no more than 0.2 THC, exporting can be a fantastic way to scale your business.