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Building Contract Lawyers Thailand: Arbitration, Construction Law and Dispute Resolution

ViZe Counselor is Bangkok’s preeminent law firm for construction law in Thailand. The kingdom has welcomed a great deal of growth in public and private investment, an increase in new businesses, as well as the acquisition of private property. We have also witnessed an inevitable rise in lawsuits being filed. Construction contract claims can take years to resolve through the overworked Thai court system, so Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is the favored method of resolving construction contract disputes. If you need legal advice or to enter property dispute resolution, we have the #1 Thailand construction arbitration solicitors ready to fight your corner to ensure a fair outcome.

Construction Claims Expert Who Specializes in Arbitration for Thailand Construction Disputes

Here at ViZe Counselor we are construction claims experts and have a team of construction contract lawyers in Bangkok highly qualified and proficient at dealing with construction claims and arbitration in construction disputes. Building and construction contracts are not always honored as they should be and a dispute can emanate as a result. If you need to speak with a building contract lawyer regarding contractor dispute resolution, rest assured that our building disputes law firm is an expert in construction law and we can help ensure that you get the right legal advice and guidance.

The Best Mediation for Construction Disputes in Thailand, Speak to our Bangkok Construction Dispute Lawyers Today!

Avoiding long and drawn-out construction litigation in Thailand that goes through the Thai court system and can take years to resolve is by far the preferred option. We have an immensely adept mediation in construction disputes team available for you to speak with regarding construction law. Fluent in Thai, Chinese, and English, and with a superb track record in representing our clients in building construction law, you’ll have the opportunity to be represented by the best construction contract lawyers in Bangkok. Speak with a construction claims expert lawyer today who can help you begin the journey to mediating the result you deserve from your disputes and contract breaches.

Need Arbitration for a Thai Construction Dispute? Arrange a Free Consultation with a Construction Arbitration Solicitor

Are you having a dispute with a contractor? Or are you a contractor working on a construction project and the client hasn’t upheld their end of the contract? Construction litigation in Thailand is commonplace for many reasons, from delays, variations, and changes, to mistakes in design and planning, unrealistic expectations, and more. We have building and construction lawyers who speak fluent English and will gladly help you resolve a construction dispute outside of a Thai courtroom. To arrange a free consultation with an expert in contractor dispute resolution contact us today to ensure that your case gets handled appropriately.

How Does Construction Industry Arbitration Work in Thailand?

The process of arbitration in Thailand is one of a few approaches for ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) offered by ViZe Counselor to the parties of building disputes. Construction claims through the courts can take years to resolve so this is the preferred method to solve issues

For the arbitration to proceed, the parties need to consent to an arbitrator to preside over the disagreement over a contract. When all parties have agreed that arbitration is an acceptable method to resolve the construction claims, they are legally bound by the outcome of this manner of dispute resolution.

Efficient And Flexible: Quicker Resolution, Easier To Schedule

Less Complicated: Simplified Rules Of Evidence And Procedure

Privacy: Keep It Out Of The Public Eye

Impartiality: Choosing The “Judge”

Usually Less Expensive

Finality: The End Of The Dispute

As well as this method of property dispute resolution being quicker to schedule and more convenient due to the Thai court system being overworked and slow, it often works out that arbitration in construction disputes is less expensive than heading into a traditional courtroom for construction litigation in Thailand. The parties involved in the contract dispute can agree to appoint an impartial arbiter or arbitrator that has industry-relevant knowledge and experience on the exact issue in question.

Another good reason to go through the arbitration route of building dispute resolution is that the proceedings will take place privately. For many businesses that have a reputation to maintain, having a ViZe Bangkok construction arbitration lawyer handle the case and any sensitive information is a huge advantage. Whereas any construction claims handled through the court system are generally made public and could potentially be harmful to a business.

So, our ViZe Thailand construction arbitration solicitors would gladly deal with your building dispute resolution to enable you to get a more efficient and simplified end to your building disputes. You get to maintain ultimate privacy with the impartiality of a mutually appointed arbitrator, it takes far less time to schedule, and you get finality at the end of arbitration with a legally binding result at the end of the process.

Get the Right Construction Arbitration Outcome in Thailand, Speak to our Building and Construction Lawyers Today!

The ViZe construction dispute lawyers in Thailand work tirelessly and draw on all of their construction contract claims experience to get you the result you deserve from your building disputes. Building construction law is there for a reason and we’d be happy for our building and construction lawyers to guide and represent you through the building dispute resolution method of arbitration. We understand that any dispute or disagreement can be stressful and expensive, but ViZe Counselor has the finest construction dispute lawyers in Thailand who are ready to speak to you today and arrange a free consultation to make sure that you get the advice and guidance needed for a successful outcome.

Construction Arbitration Lawyers Thailand FAQs

Construction arbitration is a method of resolving breaches in construction law in Thailand without the need to go through a traditional court system. The parties involved in the dispute can jointly choose an arbitrator and in a simplified and private manner, building disputes can be settled legally. Settling construction contract claims using this method very often suits both parties. More privacy is afforded to all involved and you can often get a case concluded far quicker and much cheaper than using the court system in Thailand which can often take years to get a result due to the system being so backed up.

ViZe Counselor has seen its fair share of construction litigation in Thailand as a well-established and respected construction claims expert. Several types of recurring and common issues seem to arise, such as delays. Many occasion has arisen where a building contractor has given an 8-9 month deadline to a client and after 12 months the project is nowhere near complete and a construction solicitor is called upon as the parties can’t agree on how to move forward. Customers have also been known to prevent progress on a project and sometimes clients have unrealistic expectations and building lawyers get called. Also, errors and issues with the design can lead to building and construction lawyers being called.

ViZe Counselor has earned its reputation as a top construction law and dispute resolution firm through being successful at what we do. Construction law in Thailand can be difficult to navigate, especially if you are foreign and don’t speak Thai. You can work with a construction solicitor at ViZe Counselor who is a recognized expert in the field of construction law and arbitration. Every building contract lawyer at ViZe is fluent in English and Thai and you are entitled to a free 30-minute consultation to discuss any building disputes you may have.

Unfortunately, we often find that construction contracts get broken by one or both of the parties. On the odd occasion, they will be able to resolve the issues without the need for a construction solicitor to get involved. At ViZe Counselor, we are well aware that on many occasions when a construction project contract gets broken, a construction litigation attorney will be called upon. If you are going through a dispute regarding the contract on a building project being broken, we have a Bangkok construction arbitration lawyer that will gladly help you resolve any legal issues.

ViZe Counselor have offices based in Bangkok and Koh Samui but we handle construction contract claims across the entire kingdom of Thailand. We deal with construction law and arbitration cases using a highly skilled and experienced building and construction lawyers team. The construction industry arbitration commission permits a building dispute resolution to be filed from any region in the country and a ViZe Counselor construction litigation attorney would willingly accept.