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Unfortunately, multiple types of financial and document fraud occur daily across the globe. Fraud is certainly nothing new and has been a phenomenon since the beginning of time. But as time has passed, document and financial fraud crimes have evolved and become more sophisticated. From identity theft to access gain access to a bank account to invoice and payroll fraud, all are highly illegal and actionable by law enforcement. If you need a financial fraud investigator to scrutinize potential fraud or you’ve been wrongly accused of committing an offense. ViZe Counselor appoints the most distinguished international fraud lawyers in Thailand.

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It is often difficult to protect yourself against offenses as deceitful as fraud, but that doesn’t in any way justify document or financial fraud crimes. The violations can be wide-reaching and highly damaging personally and your business and reputation from fraudulent financial reporting and financial statement manipulation. If you’ve been the victim of financial fraud crimes in Thailand and require a financial fraud investigator, we can help! An English-speaking fraud lawyer from ViZe Counselor will examine and explore all evidence and information to prove the offense and bring a case before the court in Thailand.

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ViZe Counselor is Bangkok’s foremost finance law firm for investigating and uncovering all types of financial frauds, with a vast knowledge of money transfer fraud, accounting fraud, health care fraud, and multiple other violations of the Thai Criminal Code. Our financial fraud solicitors in Bangkok have a proven track record of success to make you comfortable when appointing a corporate finance law firm to handle your affairs. A financial solicitor will leave no stone unturned during the investigation stage and ensure that every violation related to the case is unearthed and brought before the court.

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A fraud lawyer is essential when someone is believed to have committed an offense of fraud, such as when someone steals your financial information for fraudulent purposes or undertakes financial statement manipulation. ViZe Counselor operates using the finest team of Bangkok financial fraud lawyers available in Thailand. In the years we have conducted our legal services, we have dealt with dozens of fraud cases, from individuals who have had their personal information used for fraudulent activity to large corporations committing fraudulent financial reporting and health care fraud. Lawyer services are invaluable to getting justice, and our financial lawyers can manage the process professionally and efficiently.

How Does Financial Fraud Law in Thailand Work?

The financial fraud law in Thailand is very clearly defined and covered by the Thailand Criminal Code’s section 341. A person is guilty of fraud by cheating if they secure possession of property from another person/people through the concealment of facts or deception. The offense is punishable with a fine of up to 60,000 baht, a 3-year prison term, or both, from financial reporting fraud, skimming, or tax fraud. All violations of the Thailand Criminal Code are treated seriously, and the consequences of financial fraud crimes are severe.

Penal Code (Cheating, Embezzlement).

Accounting Act B.E. 2543 (2000).

Tax Revenue Code.

Act Concerning Offences Relating to the Submission of Bids to Government Agencies B.E. 2542 (1999).

Government Procurement and Supply Management Act B.E. 2560 (2017).

Computer Crime Act B.E. 2550 (2007).

Financial fraud law in Thailand states that fraud is either a criminal or civil offense depending on the types of violation committed. When taking civil proceedings against a person or entity accused of financial fraud, sanctions are available. Certain types of financial fraud see the defendant suspended from being allowed to trade in securities, barred from being a director or executive in a securities company, made to repay the financial fraud investigators’ expenses, and a fine equivalent to the losses incurred by the victim of the offenses.

The statute of limitations varies depending upon the nature of the criminal fraud case being brought before the court in Thailand. The length of the statute of limitations will be established on if the case of fraud is civil or criminal in nature and if it is in the public or private realm. Regardless of whether it is a civil case of financial statement fraud or a criminal case of financial institution fraud, having a financial fraud lawyer in Thailand act as quickly as possible is to your advantage. Accordingly, a fraud violation is compoundable, and Thai financial fraud laws depend upon the injured party to file their complaint within three months.

If you are the one being accused of document fraud and financial fraud crimes, you need to appoint Bangkok financial fraud lawyers immediately. As the defendant in a fraud case in the Kingdom, you will require legal advice and expertise and may be eligible for bail. Bail depends on several factors, but an English-speaking financial fraud lawyer in Thailand is indispensable at this crucial stage of proceedings. So, it would be best to have a financial services lawyer whether you are the victim of someone using fraudulent documents in your name or are accused of financial fraud.

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Do you suspect your personal details have been fraudulently used for financial gain? Do you have a business partner feeding financial information to a rival? Or is your accountant suspected of illegal practices and making money vanish? If you require financial fraud investigators to look into unauthorised and potentially unlawful financial or investment fraud. Lawyer up with a financial attorney from ViZe Counselor and be represented by the #1 financial fraud solicitors in Bangkok. Contact a financial services lawyer today and request your free legal consultation and get a clear blueprint on how we can help you to move forward with your legal issues.

Financial Fraud Investigators Thailand FAQs

The law in Thailand defines fraud as the act of securing custody of property belonging to another person or people through deception and concealing facts. The fraud offense can be an individual deceptively obtaining personal information to access an account or perhaps acquiring credit to large corporations carrying out financial statement manipulation and document fraud.

Section 341 of the Thai Criminal Code covers the offense of fraud. Section 341 outlines the basic principle of what constitutes fraudulent activity, although sections 342-248 offer outlines for more specific crimes. You can contact our lawyers for fraud for a free consultation regarding your particular case and circumstances.

The answer to this depends on the type of financial fraud committed. If you’ve committed an offense of tax fraud, you’ll need an expert tax fraud lawyer, as you could face a hefty fine and several years in jail. Fraud is taken very seriously in Thailand, and punishment can include a fine, forfeiture of property, confinement, and imprisonment of between 3-7 years. If you have committed any fraudulent activity, we highly recommend you seek legal counsel as soon as possible and contact our international fraud lawyers in Thailand.

Our Bangkok financial fraud lawyers are all available for a free consultation so that you can discuss your particular requirements with them. Whether it’s investigating fraudulent documents or any financial fraud crimes, they are experts in financial fraud detection and will gladly assist you.

The ViZe Counselor financial fraud detection attorneys are highly experienced in dealing with fraudulent financial reporting and accounting fraud cases. In the case of suspected reporting fraud, it is crucial to report to financial lawyers immediately, or the statute of limitations could lapse.

ViZe Counselor does have a highly experienced specialist tax fraud lawyer at our Bangkok law office. We also have the expertise of a health care fraud lawyer, investment fraud attorneys, and other solicitors who specialize in many types of financial frauds. For the finest information or legal advice, you can get in the Kingdom of Thailand, contact ViZe financial fraud solicitors in Bangkok today!