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Bangkok Litigation Lawyers and Litigation Law Firm in Thailand

Whether you are taking someone to court or you’re the one at the other end, it’s crucial to work with an experienced litigation law firm in Thailand. No matter the type of case, you need exceptional legal representation from no less than one of the top litigation law firms. Vize Counselor has assembled the best litigation lawyers Bangkok can provide who are determined to win cases for clients, primarily when disputes are not settled through negotiation before trial. With a Bangkok litigation lawyer from Vize, you can be confident you will achieve the best possible result for you.

Need Litigation Dispute Resolution in Thailand? Our Team Of Experienced Bangkok Litigation Lawyers Can Help!

Legal disputes can be a draining experience, and you need a Thailand litigation lawyer to guide you through this challenging process with professionalism. Committed to acting in our clients’ best interests, Vize has an outstanding track record as a litigation solicitor Bangkok trusts in delivering results across all types of disputes. In a culture where an amicable litigation dispute resolution is preferred over court proceedings, our Thailand litigation lawyers help resolve disputes without need for court trial. When a court battle is inevitable, our litigation lawyer has what it takes to protect your rights throughout all stages of the litigation proceedings.

ViZe Counselor Offers Litigation Service in all Main Areas of Thai Litigation Law

Need a litigation attorney to negotiate settlements or present your case before a judge? While each case is different, we are confident our Thailand litigation lawyers can handle any legal matter and provide first-rate litigation support. Vize covers all levels and categories of litigation service, including these practice areas:



Whichever field you need help with, the Thailand litigation lawyers here at Vize are committed to providing you with the proper litigation support. To be one of the best litigation law firms in the country, our team of litigation solicitors has spent thousands of hours resolving disputes across different courts, from lower levels up through the Thai Supreme Court. If you’re looking for the best litigation solicitor Bangkok can provide, a litigation attorney at Vize is among the best choices. From civil to criminal cases and even corporate and commercial disputes, whether domestic or cross-border ones, we have a top Thailand litigation lawyer who can help you. Vize is one of the remarkable dispute resolution law firms that have done it all! You can count on Vize to provide you with the finest Thailand litigation lawyer to represent you. Call us now!

Whatever Litigation Law Case You Face the Vize Counselor Litigation Lawyers Will Be With You Every Step of the Way

Vize is not your average litigation law firm in Thailand. Apart from our comprehensive legal services, we’re also the home of forward-thinking litigation dispute resolution specialists and the finest Thailand litigation lawyers you can have on your side at all stages of the process. Whether you’re an accuser or defendant in need in any case, from common civil litigation to the most complex intellectual property disputes, when it comes down to choosing which path best suits each client’s circumstances, our litigation attorney will help you decide on the best move. You can count on our litigation solicitors to ensure you are informed and represented in every stage, from negotiations with the plaintiff or defendant to trial-level proceedings before the Courts of First Instance. Through reaffirming your stand before the Court of Appeals, up until the final verdict of the Supreme Court.

Be Reassured Our Thailand Litigation Law Firm’s Litigation Attorneys Speak English So Nothing Gets Lost In Translation

Having successfully worked with local and international clients, Vize’s Thailand litigation lawyers are fluent in Chinese, Thai and English. With our unwavering approach to getting things done, rest assured our litigation solicitors will work hard for you. Our high level of expertise in different types of litigation, including commercial litigation, comes at a reasonable cost. We consider all possible avenues of dispute resolution law firms would often skip or miss. We closely follow up on each client’s needs, taking each step towards resolving the dispute or winning the case. From the moment you walk through our door, we will give you a glimpse of what it’s like working with one of the top litigation law firms in Thailand. With a dedicated Thailand litigation lawyer waiting for you in our firm, we are ready to take on your case with all we’ve got!

Arrange a Free Consultation with One of Our Bangkok Litigation Lawyers Today!

Do you need help with Thai litigation, or do you want to learn more about the dispute resolution practice of one of the best litigation law firms and how the litigation lawyers Bangkok trusts can help you? Get in touch with ViZe today and speak with a top Bangkok litigation lawyer about your case. We make the consultation process with our Thailand litigation lawyers fast-paced and informative for the client while still ensuring confidentiality. During our litigation solicitor Bangkok consultation, you get to understand what will be happening regarding court proceedings along this journey towards justice

Thai Litigation Lawyers and Bangkok Litigation Law Firm FAQs

A Thailand litigation lawyer plays an integral part in any lawsuit. It’s the job of the litigation lawyer to help prove the validity of one’s claim by examining all aspects of it, including pre-trial discovery processes and appeals if needed. In Thailand law, the settlement of the dispute without court mediation is most preferred. However, despite the efforts and the exceptional litigation support provided by the best litigation law firms representing the parties, it’s not always possible for the two opposing parties to reach an agreement and would have to take their dispute to court. Top litigation law firms determine if enough evidence exists for them to legally fight on behalf of their clients in court proceedings, whether their clients be the plaintiff or the defendant. As part of their litigation service, the team of Thailand litigation lawyers at the leading law firm ViZe are involved in the process at every stage. From investigating facts to preparing an argument or strategy ahead of time that could give their clients an advantage before the court, leading to a vindication or compensation if the rights of the clients were proven to be violated. The job of a reputable Bangkok litigation lawyer entails finding weaknesses in an opponent’s argument so they can negotiate or argue successfully at court proceedings.
ViZe is one of Thailand’s top dispute resolution law firms, and we have a legal team composed of the country’s best lawyers. Our Thailand litigation lawyers will work closely with clients and do all types of litigation, from civil litigation to commercial litigation. If you require a civil litigation lawyer or a commercial litigation lawyer, don’t hesitate to first consult ViZe for litigation support and advice to determine whether litigation is the right solution to your contentious matters. An experienced Thailand litigation lawyer from our team will then guide you through the entire process of filing a court case against the individual or company that has wronged you.

There’s no jury system in Thailand, so you need to seek help from someone trained specifically on the law in Thailand and with extensive experience handling litigation cases before the Thai courts. Thai courts encourage alternative dispute resolution and will respect any settlements between the parties. While it is tempting to ignore a summons, complaint or notice that has been sent your way, doing so would only have the court award a money judgment against you or place you in jail by default. Instead, let ViZe, one of the top litigation law firms in Bangkok, help you through this process following The Thai law by: negotiating a settlement agreement with the plaintiff, drafting responses to the allegations and legal claims in the complaint and asserting your defence, filing a motion of dismissal or for a more detailed statement that gives you more time to file an answer, and even filing countersuits.

Negotiating a settlement agreement with the plaintiff is not always an easy task; this is why you must choose your dispute resolution law firm wisely. It’s essential to be professional and respond appropriately when they bring up their allegations of wrongdoing or legal claims against you for your defence strategy on these matters to work effectively! With a skilled litigation attorney at your disposal, you will be able to identify potential claims and know how to prove them. Rest assured, ViZe’s litigation solicitors will analyse all possible avenues to determine what kind of relief or compensation is most appropriate. Our litigation law firm team will; even spot pitfalls from an opposing party’s perspective so that they can provide you with a strong defence when it’s time for trial.