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Thailand Extradition Lawyers: Specialist Thai Extradition Law Firm In Bangkok

At present, there are fifteen counties that have an extradition treaty with Thailand, but that list is not exclusive. Thailand can grant an extradition request to other countries at the authority’s discretion, making extradition law firms vital for those individuals facing expulsion from the Kingdom. There are many reasons why the extradition of an individual may be requested. As one of the leading Bangkok extradition law firms, ViZE Counselor specializes in extradition rules and has an incredibly astute team of extradition solicitors on hand to advise on Thai extradition laws.

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Are you facing an extradition request and urgently need a Thailand extradition attorney? Did you commit a criminal act in the Kingdom for which the punishment is to be deported to your home country? If this is you, or a loved one, you’ll need the assistance of an expert in extradition law. We are the extradition law firm in Thailand that possesses an in-depth education on the extradition act of Thailand and can assist you with the request to have you removed from Thailand. Our Thailand extradition lawyers are multi-lingual, speaking Thai, Chinese, and English to a high level, and will heartily facilitate your needs.

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Our team of Thailand extradition lawyers based at the ViZe Counselor Bangkok office have vast experience and knowledge in dealing with and understanding extradition in international law. As a leading extradition law firm, we leave no stone unturned in protecting our client’s rights and ensuring they are dealt with within the law. The Thai extradition solicitor that would be assigned to your case would be multi-lingual and represent you faithfully and honestly to the best of their ability to get a fair and adequate outcome.

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Thailand extradition laws are to be taken extremely seriously as the consequences of not doing so can be long-lasting and life-changing. If you have committed an offense in the Kingdom that is not political in nature, or you are subject to a request for extradition from another country, you need help from the best extradition law firm in Thailand. An extradition attorney from ViZe Counselor will assist you in understanding Thailand extradition laws to ensure that you get fairly and accurately represented during the process. We are the favored experts you can trust to execute extradition in international law.

How Do Thai Extradition Laws Work?

At the time of writing, Thailand has extradition treaties with fifteen countries. They are the USA, U.K., Belgian, Canada, the Republic of China, South Korea, Indonesia, the Philipines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, Fiji, Australia, and Hungary. However, this list does not exclude other countries from applying for an extradition order, and Thai authorities have delivered wanted individuals for extradition to another state under extradition rules. It is possible because of “double criminality.” It means the crime for which the offender is wanted is punishable in the Kingdom of Thailand and the country requesting extradition.

The offense must be qualified for extradition under Thai laws.

The accused must not be charged with political crimes.

The nature of the crime must not be solely related to the military.

The extradition shall not violate any other laws enforced in the Kingdom.

There is no final ruling from the requesting state that the individual involved is innocent.

The individual has not been granted amnesty in the requesting state.

In agreement with the Kingdom’s Extradition Act B.E. 2551, some crimes make an individual eligible for extradition. Extradition rules in Thailand state that the individual person can be deported if they are wanted for a crime punishable by death or if their offense is punishable by incarceration of more than one year. The violation or offenses must be illegal in Thailand and the country seeking extradition. This is where an extradition attorney with a comprehensive knowledge of the Extradition Act becomes vital.

In Thailand, the extradition process is relatively straightforward. Under section 8 of the Extradition Act, “The extradition shall commence with an extradition request from the requesting state.” Communication is required between the Attorney General and the country requesting extradition, assuming the country is one of the fifteen with a signed treaty. If all extradition rules are met, the person will be transferred into the custody of the law enforcement agency of the relevant nation.

Suppose you are from one of the fifteen nations with an extradition treaty with Thailand and need to appoint legal counsel from a recognized and trusted firm. ViZe Counselor is a seasoned professional in dealing with extradition in international law. If you are from a nation that does not have a signed treaty with Thailand, an extradition lawyer in Bangkok is awaiting your call for a chat to see how we can help with your legal issues and the extradition request you are the subject of.

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If you require the assistance of an expert in international extradition, you need to contact the best Thailand extradition attorney. Being involved in any extradition case can be overwhelming and confusing, so it’s essential to have an experience extradition solicitor on your side to ensure fairness and appropriate representation if you’re facing criminal extradition in Thailand. The consequences of a poorly handled extradition can be life-altering, and getting advice from the best extradition law firm in Thailand is a great place to begin the process. Thailand extradition lawyers are available for a free consultation at our Bangkok office today!

Thailand Extradition Attorneys FAQs

You can be extradited from Thailand, just as you could face extradition to Thailand if you’d committed an offense worthy of extradition. Fifteen countries have signed an extradition treaty with Thailand, although it is possible for other countries to make an extradition request for wanted fugitives.

The following fifteen countries have signed an extradition treaty with the Kingdom of Thailand. They are the USA, the United Kingdom, Belgian, Canada, China, South Korea, Indonesia, the Philipines, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Fiji, Hungary, and Australia. Extradition is not always straightforward, and the requesting country can request an extradition to administer punishment for the crimes committed. Hence, extradition solicitors play a pivotal role in lawfully executing extradition rules.

Extradition is possible where the offense committed is punishable by death or has a custodial sentence of one year or more. The Thailand extradition treaty involves fifteen countries of now. If you need legal counsel regarding the law between Thailand and the requesting nation for your deportation, speak with an extradition lawyer immediately.

The extradition process begins when a country requests extradition under section 8 of the Extradition Act. Once the subject of the extradition is arrested, no time is wasted before getting them in a courtroom before a judge. Because of the speed at which this happens, it is vital to appoint Thailand extradition lawyers promptly. Once a hearing has taken place, the offender will be placed in the custody of the requesting country’s law enforcement authority.