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Thailand Probate Lawyers: Estate, Wills and Inheritance Solicitors in Bangkok

ViZe Counselor has a team of wills and probate solicitors that specialize in inheritance law in Thailand. Thailand’s Civil and Commercial Code determines that upon the death of any individual that has left no will, the individual’s estate will be appropriated among their statutory heirs. Because of the intricacies of the Thai probate system and Thai inheritance law, a wills and estate lawyer is oftentimes required to help you navigate through the red tape complexities that can arise upon someone’s death. Our Bangkok-based wills and probate lawyers are vastly experienced in handling estate law with sensitivity, decency, and absolute professionalism.

Having Inheritance and Estate Settlement Issues in Thailand? Vize Counselor's Probate and Estate Lawyers Can Help!

The death of anyone close to you is a particularly difficult and exasperating time. But, if you then figure in the intricacies of estate distribution and financial uncertainty, the acquisition of a probate law firm and the knowledge and experience of a will and probate attorney become indispensable. Regardless of the size of the estate or the issues you face, our probate lawyers in Bangkok have the required skill set, proficiency, and skillset to acquire the outcome of the deceased individual’s estate. You can count on ViZe Counselor’s contested wills and probate lawyers to help smooth the path for a correctly settled inheritance.

Need Help Planning Your Inheritance with a Will? Arrange a Consultation with English Speaking Inheritance Lawyers Today!

Most people don’t like to think about their mortality but careful estate planning is essential if you want those that you love to be taken care of after you pass away. Our wills lawyers can help you to write your will and define who receives your estate assets upon your death. An experienced inheritance solicitor can support and guide you through the process of making a will including property, money, and possessions. In Thailand, if an individual leaves no last will and testament, an estate gets divided between relations following CCC section 1629. Arrange a consultation with a fluent English-speaking wills and estates lawyer at the ViZe Counselor inheritance law firm today!

Enter Probate Proceedings with Peace of Mind by Working with the Best Probate Lawyers Thailand Offers!

We have the best team of incredibly conscientious probate lawyers in Thailand that can help you navigate your way through Thai probate proceedings and handle the deceased individual’s estate with peace of mind and confidence. A probate attorney will submit the petition for Estate Administration to a court and as long as there are no objectors our probate law firm can have the court appoint an administrator in around three months. Thailand inheritance law can be problematic and complicated but with the guidance and professionalism of a top ViZe probate attorney who has experience in dealing with the formalities and intricacies of the Thai court system, you can enter probate proceedings assured of the correct outcome.

How Does Thai Inheritance Law and Probate in Thailand Work?

Probate of an estate can be interpreted as an executor that supervises a person’s property and possessions after the individual has passed away. Thailand doesn’t actually have any formal probate proceedings or a probate court.

But, under Thai law, if a person dies without leaving a will, an administrator for the deceased individual’s estate will be appointed and this can be a public prosecutor, an interested person, or an heir. Thai inheritance law states under section 1629 of the Civil and Commercial Code, six classes of statutory heirs can inherit an estate in this order. Descendants, parents, full-blood brothers and sisters, half-blood brothers and sisters, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

Probate Of An Estate

Transfer Of Property At Death 

Classes Of Legal Heirs

Inheritance By Foreigners In Thailand

Foreign Court Judgments

Foreign Wills In Thailand

Inheritance dispute lawyers can become critical when it comes to foreigners receiving an inheritance in Thailand. Section 1639 of the Code, states that foreign nationals can inherit from a Thai spouse who is a Thai national and can also inherit property under clause 93 of the Land Code. There are caveats to this though and we highly recommend speaking with an estate probate attorney at our Bangkok-based Thailand inheritance law firm.

There have been many occasions where a probate litigation attorney witnesses issues concerning foreign nationals and their last will and testament arise in the Thai court system. Our probate lawyers in Bangkok see foreigners using the judgment of the foreign court systems to pursue a case. Under inheritance law in Thailand, a judgment made by any foreign court is not enforceable in the Thai court system, although the foreign court findings can be used as evidence by a will and probate attorney.

To get a property transferred after the death of an individual in Thailand, inheritance lawyers are required to procure a probate order from the Thailand Probate Court. Property transfer in Thailand is completed either by a will or intestate succession upon the death of a person. ViZe Counselor strongly advises that an inheritance lawyer or wills solicitors are engaged during these processes as they are often complicated and stressful during what can already be a difficult period.

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If you’ve suffered to loss of a loved one and need a probate attorney to help you enter and guide you through probate proceedings. Or need the help of wills and probate solicitors to help you with writing your last will so that you can leave your property, money, and possessions to the ones you love. Or maybe need to chat with inheritance dispute lawyers regarding issues you may be having. ViZe Counselor has the #1 probate lawyers in Thailand who are vastly experienced in dealing with the high-pressure atmosphere of the Thai court system. Contact our contested wills and probate lawyers today and get your free consultation with Bangkok’s premier inheritance law firm.

Probate and Thai Inheritance Law FAQs

Thai probate proceedings are a little different from a traditional probate system. If an individual leaves a will, upon that person’s death their estate will be divided according to their wishes. If no legal will was present upon death, probate in Thailand requires an administrator to be appointed to oversee the estate. If you need to get any specific questions answered then you may feel free to contact one of our inheritance solicitors for a free consultation.

ViZe Counselor has a team of the best wills and probate solicitors in the country. Our Bangkok office has an inheritance tax lawyer who is vastly experienced in dealing with the process and complicated inheritance tax issues. A percentage of any inheritance is liable for tax, but understanding what and how much you have to pay will depend on several factors, and a tax inheritance lawyer at ViZe will provide all the information you need.

As an established and very well-regarded probate law firm in Thailand, we offer a free consultation with a probate litigation attorney. Every estate probate attorney at ViZe is fluent in Thai and English and has tremendous experience in the field of Thai inheritance law.

Having a wills and estates lawyer take care of your estate planning for after you pass away is the most sensible route to take. You’ve worked your whole life and created property, wealth, and possessions, and you want to know that when you pass away, the people you love are going to be taken care of. ViZe probate and estate lawyers can help guide you through the entire process in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

The probate process can often be stressful and complicated. When you add to that doing it in a foreign country like Thailand, there is another layer of difficulty. To hire a fluent English-speaking probate solicitor to smoothly navigate the execution of a will or probate case is invaluable. ViZe Counselor has a team of wills solicitors who are fluent in Thai, Chinese, and English and have rightfully earned our reputation as Bangkok’s first-choice inheritance law firm.