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Thailand Factory License and Factory Registration Lawyer Bangkok

Thailand has long been an attractive country for those looking to manufacture goods. To build a factory in the Kingdom, you will first be required to obtain a factory license certificate. The process of obtaining a factory license will first begin by determining the type of factory you want to build. In Thailand, the factory licence is broken down into three tiers in accordance with the Factory Act established in 1992. The tier you will fall under when applying for your manufacturing licence in Thailand will depend on the size of your factory and workforce and what you will be producing in your factory. A Vize Counselor factory registration lawyer will be happy to help you determine which of the 3 tiers your business will fall under before filing your factory license application. It is essential that you file for the correct factory license in your application to avoid troubles down the track.

Why do you need a Thailand Factory Licence for your Manufacturing Business?

There are several reasons you are required to obtain the proper manufacturing license. In Thailand, the safety and security of its people, those who visit and those who purchase manufactured goods made in the Kingdom are of utmost importance. Factory law in Thailand is there to ensure that standards are met as far as safety, environmental impact, placement of the factory and other factors. Once you have received your certificate of factory registration, you will find that Thailand is a wonderful place to do business. Factory license registration is the first step to opening and operating your manufacturing company in Thailand. Factory registration with Vize Counselor is straightforward, and we ensure that all documents and permissions are in place well before submitting your factory license application. We have the perfect, highly experienced factory license lawyer for you and your company to ensure everything is done correctly.

What are the Requirements for a Factory Licence in Thailand?

In order to obtain your Thailand factory license, you will first have to complete your factory license application and obtain all permissions necessary for the placement and building of your manufacturing facility. Vize Counselor is the premiere factory registration lawyer in Thailand, and our talented staff will help you in the process of gathering documents such as:

Application Form

Company Affidavit

Layout of the Planned Building Construction

Details Of Factory Machinery

Plan Detailing the Factory Building

Health and Safety Report of Factory Facility

Once you have the various plans for the building of your factory and have decided on the location based on factory license advice, we will then move forward with gaining permissions and apply for your factory license. Thailand welcomes all forms of foreign business with open arms, as long as you follow factory law in the Kingdom. Thailand factory registration can be made easy with a Vize Counselor factory license lawyer by your side. We will make sure that all of your permissions and documents ensure your factory license application has the best chance of approval. Our staff is fluent in English and will help translate during the submission process of your application for your factory license. Thailand factory law is one of our specialities, and you can rely on us to get your project across the line.

3 Factory Types Fall Under the Thailand Factory Act, B.E. 2535 (1992)

Thai factory law is based around the Thailand Factory Act established in B.E. 2535 (1992). In this ac,t the factory license certificate is broken down into three categories with different requirements to obtain a factory license. Thailand places a tremendous amount of care about the environment and the communities that may be affected by your manufacturing facility. This means that obtaining a factory license for a large factory with more than 50 employees and 50 horsepower in machinery will require different permissions than a smaller operation. The location of your intended factory will also play a role in the permissions necessary to begin building. Keeping the local community in mind while you search for the factory location is advised as your factory license could be denied if the local people are not happy. For more information on the Factory Act, feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Need Help? Speak to the ViZe Counselor factory license lawyers today!

Vize Counselor is widely considered the best factory registration lawyer in Thailand because we put the customer first. It is our pleasure to guide you through the process and preparation to obtain your Thailand manufacturing license. Thailand factory registration is much easier and time-efficient with our talented and caring staff by your side. We will be there to make sure that everything is in perfect order when you submit your factory license application. There is no need to waste valuable time and money by resubmitting your factory license because of minor mistakes. Our highly experienced and efficient staff have years of experience in helping foreigners acquire their factory license certificate. Contact us today to start the process of obtaining your manufacturing license in Thailand!

Thailand Factory License FAQs

A manufacturing license in Thailand, also called a factory license certificate is a document associated with operating a manufacturing facility in the Kingdom of Thailand. To build or operate a factory, you must adhere to the laws stipulated in the Factory Act of 2535 (1992). You must first provide documents and acquire permissions for your operation before submitting your factory license application. If you are not fluent in the Thai language, enlist the services of a factory registration lawyer in Thailand.
In order to operate or build a manufacturing facility in the Kingdom of Thailand, you will be required to obtain a factory license certificate. Thailand factory registration will need specific permissions to ensure that your factory will not negatively affect the surrounding community and environment. It is recommended to acquire factory license advice from a factory registration lawyer in Thailand to ensure all of your documents and permissions are in order before applying for the factory license.
Acquiring a factory license in Thailand can be a cumbersome experience on your own. There are many reasons why one may approach the services of a factory registration lawyer in Thailand. Manufacturing license requirements will vary depending on the size and scope of the intended manufacturing facility. A factory registration lawyer will be able to guide you through the process correctly.
The costs associated with obtaining a Thailand manufacturing license will vary depending largely on the size of the factory, intended machinery and size of the intended workforce, and several other factors. The Factory Act of 2535 (1992) designates 3 categories for the factory license certificate, and a number of factors determine these 3 categories. Contacting a factory registration lawyer in Thailand for factory license advice is highly recommended for those not fluent in the Thai language.