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International Law Firm In Bangkok With Top English Speaking Lawyers In Thailand

Are you looking for a Chinese law firm in Thailand or an English speaking law firm in Bangkok, Thailand? Vize is a leading international law firm in Bangkok and offers highly specialist Corporate Business Formations with 100% Foreign Owned Investment  Structures, providing international legal advice across a range of legal disciplines. One of many things that makes us different is that we are Chinese speaking law firm and English-speaking lawyers in Thailand, focusing all efforts on helping our clients bridge the language barrier gap and conduct business with peace of mind.

Unlike other International law firms in Bangkok, we provide local and international legal services Thailand-based individuals and businesses alike trust to remove the question marks surrounding their legal affairs.

We're One of The Best Law Firms In Bangkok Offering Multilingual Chinese and English Speaking Lawyers, Solicitors and Attorneys In Thailand

Vize Counselor provides our client base with the best international English speaking lawyer to deliver for their legal requirements as a trusted partner. We are here to help you navigate Thailand’s legal processes and provide a clear pathway through the very often confusing Thai legal system. Whether personal, business-related, local, or international, legal matters can be expertly executed in a language, you can understand.

As one of the leading international law firms in Thailand, we have Thai lawyers, Chinese Lawyers, and English-speaking Lawyers providing a range of services including; Corporate Services (Foreign Company Registration Services including Thailand BOI Company Registration, Private Limited Company, Treaty of Amity, and more), Property Law, Family Law, Accounting Services, etc. Our law firm in Bangkok can also provide immigration services for Thai citizens and foreign nationals. Legal Services such as Contract Preparation (will writing, notary public work) and criminal litigation or arbitration matters if needed, among other legal expertise you may require.

About us

Vize Counselor: International English Speaking Law Firm in Bangkok

Vize Counselor is an English speaking law firm in Thailand that provides legal services to clients with an international perspective. Our Thai law firm has the best Customer Service Relations, which gives importance to a holistic approach to clients’ needs by clearly building trust and confidence through communication and proper documentation in English, Thai, and Mandarin. Our law firm in Bangkok is the only office with double degree lawyers, primarily Engineers, Nurses, Medical Equipment, science, and Chemistry. Being a highly regarded Chinese law firm in Thailand, we also have mainland Chinese staff who are competent in writing and speaking Thai.

Having worked on hundreds of different legal cases in Thailand covering all legal disciplines, our team’s experience guarantees a smooth process throughout any case brought before them. If you need to be dealing with a Chinese speaking lawyer or English speaking lawyer with excellent fluency in the Thai language, we would love to hear from you.

Among The Best International Law Firms In Bangkok, Thailand

With a vast array of professional legal services available, Vize Counselor is among the best international law firms in Thailand and is trusted by our client base due to our high-quality legal services Thailand-based and international clients rely on. Vize specialises in litigation and arbitration law, corporate M&A, company formation services, insolvency and restructuring cases, and trade competition matters, among many others. We are a reputable law firm in Thailand that always understands our clients’ needs to ensure that they are satisfied with the final product while also considering budget constraints so all requests can be fulfilled within reasonable means.

Leading Team of Chinese Lawyers and English Speaking Lawyers In Bangkok

Vize Counselor is a successful and well-established law firm in Bangkok, Thailand, providing national and international services. The team of experienced partners provides counsel on intellectual property, corporate law and service delivery, litigation support consulting, and others to multinational companies looking for legal advice within the South East Asian region.

International English Speaking Lawyers In Bangkok and Beyond

If you are seeking the best English speaking law firm, Bangkok is not short of options. With Vize Counselor, client success rates and retention of relations have always been our top priority, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Whether you are looking for a Swedish Law firm, a Lawyer in Koh Samui, a Chinese lawyer, or English lawyers, contact our experts today and let us ensure your legal matters are fully covered.

Thailand Law firm FAQs

With an array of international law firms in Bangkok and across Thailand, it is paramount that anyone seeking the best International Law Firm in Thailand to handle their legal affairs prepares the right questions and quality checks for any prospect firms. Questions such as how long have you practiced law? or what cases have you represented that are the same or similar to mine? should be top of the list.

The definition of an attorney is a person who has completed the necessary training and exams to practice law. The scope of their careers includes representing clients in court, pleading or defending cases with the information they have gathered from examining the evidence on both sides, researching laws about case specifics.

The term lawyer generally refers to someone trained in legal matters that provides advice and aid, including conducting suits in court proceedings and representing clients directly during these hearings. If you need legal advice, look no further than ViZe Counselor, the Thailand English speaking lawyer you can trust every time.

The most common legal services Thailand lawyers provide their clients is the same list of commonly provided services internationally: Civil Litigation, Property, Criminal, Injury, Malpractice, Employment Law, Employee Compensation, Family, Immigration, Estate Planning, IP, Tax, Bankruptcy, and Corporate Law.
Hopefully, you found us by typing English speaking lawyers near me into Google. We do realise navigating Thai or International Law alone can be a minefield of potential unknowns. That’s not even considering the prospect of language barrier issues further compounding the first problem. This is precisely why the need for a Chinese speaking law firm in Thailand or English speaking lawyers would be your best option to handle legal matters, ensuring it is absolutely clear. Using the services of Thai lawyers who cannot speak your native language could lead to a loss of credibility for your legal case and be incredibly costly. Give us a call today! We would love to show you why we are the English speaking lawyer Bangkok businesses trust.
The cost of hiring a lawyer varies depending on the type and complexity of your case. An English or Chinese speaking Lawyer specialising in commercial cases usually charges more than those who work on routine legal tasks. Drafting documents for international law cases and talking to clients because they have different experience and knowledge needed for these types of cases does require a level of expertise and knowledge only obtained by a select few International law firms in Bangkok. So if you are actively searching in Google for a Chinese speaking lawyer near me or looking for essential International legal advice in a highly connected global marketplace, we feel that Vize Counselor will be the perfect fit for you.