Why do you need a Food and Restaurant License in Thailand?

In Thailand, the overall health of the population as well as foreign visitors is paramount. This is one reason you will need to acquire a food business license before the opening of your new restaurant. Other factors will also be weighed by the government to determine whether or not you meet the necessary requirements to receive the food license for a restaurant. As with any business permit or license there will be a number of documents and permissions that will have to be in order before applying for your restaurant license. Vize Counselor is widely regarded as the leading restaurant licence lawyers in Thailand. Our talented and knowledgeable team of lawyers will help you through every step of the procedure so you meet the requirements to start a restaurant here in the Kingdom.

Requirements for Food Business License in Thailand

There are a number of requirements that you will have to meet in order to be awarded your food business license. Vize Counselor will happily assist in every step of the process. From filling out necessary documents, government forms and acquiring related permissions, to submitting your application for a food service license to the correct district office on your behalf. We are experts in obtaining the proper restaurant license. Thailand is a wonderful place to do business once all of your documents and licenses are in order

In addition to the paperwork required to apply for your food license some or all of your staff will be required to visit the local district office in order to test their understanding of food hygiene. How many of your staff will be required to do this before you are given a restaurant license will depend on the district in which your proposed restaurant is located. Once you have finished this process and your documents and government forms have been accepted, the next step is to make an appointment with a district official to inspect the premises. Once the officer has deemed your restaurant safe to open and all documents are correct, you will be given a 1 year food service license. You will be required to renew your restaurant license every year with your district office. Whether you are planning to purchase an open restaurant in Bangkok, build one in Chiang Mai or anywhere else in the Kingdom, Vize Counselor is your respected restaurant licence lawyer in Thailand.

Starting a Restaurant in Thailand? Spake to Our Thailand Food License Lawyers for Expert Advice

Whatever type, size or style of the intended restaurant you will be required to at least notify the district office, even if you are exempt and don’t require a food license. Obtaining a restaurant license in Thailand can be an easy, streamlined process with the Vize Counselor team by your side. We have been the preferred restaurant licence lawyer in Thailand for many years and wish to apply our knowledge and expertise to get your food license. Cost can be kept down if you have all of your government forms and paperwork in perfect order before you apply for your restaurant license. Even a small error on your documents can be costly, so let us prepare your application for you.

Thailand Restaurant License FAQs

What certifications do I need to open a restaurant in Thailand?

If you are interested in starting a restaurant in Thailand you will need to go through the process of obtaining your food license. Thailand will also require that a number of your staff pass a basic food hygiene test at the district office. Once all of this is in order, an officer from the district will visit the premises of your restaurant for an inspection. The process of acquiring a restaurant license is fairly straightforward but can be confusing for those who do not speak the Thai language. If you are not fluent in Thai it is suggested to obtain the services of a restaurant licence lawyer in Thailand to help you through the procedure.

Does my restaurant in Thailand need a licence?

Whether or not you will require a food business license will largely depend on the size of your establishment and the number of workers. It should be noted that even if you do not require a restaurant license due to your size, you will still need to send a letter of notification stating your intent to the district office. It is recommended to obtain a food license regardless if you plan to open a restaurant in Thailand. The process and paperwork can be cumbersome, especially if you do not speak Thai. In this case, it is advised to contact Thailand food license lawyers to aid you in the process.

How do you get a Thai restaurant license?

If you want to obtain a food vendor license or restaurant license in Thailand you will need to fill out several government forms and complete a number of tasks. The process will go through the district office wherever your restaurant is located. Once you have successfully submitted for your food license, there will be several other steps before you will be awarded a restaurant license – including an inspection from a government official. The type of food license you will need will depend on the size of your staff and the restaurant as well. Contacting a restaurant licence lawyer in Thailand before submitting your application is advised.

What is the cost of a Thailand restaurant licence?

The cost of acquiring your restaurant license in Thailand will largely depend on the size of the proposed restaurant and how many employees you will have. There are certain operations that do not require a food license. Thailand, however, will still require you to send a letter of notification regarding their restaurant to the district office in this case. Most types of restaurants will require a food business license, which involves a large number of government forms and documents that can be confusing. Getting in touch with Thailand food license lawyers will make the process much easier.