Comprehensive Mindset

To achieve the best results for our local and international clients, our team is geared with a range of experts and advisors with specialised expertise, as we believe an overall legal and accounting services is needed for all spectrum of businesses. Clients can trust that we will achieve the best results. Our team not only provides academic advice, but practical and measurable solutions as well.

One Stop Service and Client Focused

We understand the importance of your company to comply with Thai law. Our firm is structured to cover licensing, consulting, accounting, and due diligence. When you engage with our team, you would experience tailor made services with research, action plan and reliable results. Hence, saving time, money, and effort for our clients in landing investments in Thailand.

Vize Counselor is a team of multinational lawyers, accountants, and consultants with entrepreneurial mindset having knowledge, understanding, and experience of local cultures as well as the legal environment acknowledged by the industry. Thus, allowing our team to create an accurate and reliable solution for our clients.

Professional and Strategic

Vize Counselor has a team-oriented mindset with professionalism over a broad spectrum of industry. We are committed to our clients to accomplish their goals through research, replanning strategies, and implementation with the aid of our connecting networks. During our operations of over 10 years, we have been able to accomplish mining licenses, crypto exchange licenses, foreign exchange licenses, medical device trading licenses and much more.